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Wow. Haven't checked the boards in a few days. What great replies. I have to preface this by saying WHO KNOWS what may have caused it all, but I appreciate you ladies sharing your knowledge and experiences. I wasn't sure that it was the EPO that caused the membranes to rupture, but I did use something like 8 capsules. As far as position, you're right: all we heard was that she was head down and ready to come out. I didn't want any internal exams after the first b/c of the chance of infection and we were on antibiotics. Could we have gone on w/o inducing? We really felt pressured to get the labor going, even though induction was NOT what we wanted. I don't know how wrapped the cord was, but dd was a big baby (9lbs), wizened but not skinny, and pics taken as she was born do not seem to show any vernix/languna (is that the right term?).

Thank you, gabrielsmama and hawleyclan, for your replies. Aside from hospital protocols, what is the limit on how long a labor should go after the membranes have ruptured? If labor were not to start, when should one consider induction? It seems like starting induction once signs of infection or fever show would be too late.

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I agree with those that feel induction is highly OVER-used.
I too had a very bad induction experience where I was pressured into it and it ultimately led to a c-section because I believe my son simply wasn't ready to come out.

I don't view medical technology as bad, I think it's absolutely necessary in certian situations, but I do feel that it is used far too frequently in our society and we as women need to do more questioning and research before we blindly follow our 'Dr's orders' as It's our bodies they affect.
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Fearing Induction, 1 wk late

Hi Everyone!

I am one week past my due date and my dr is insisting that I have a non-stress test done twice a week now (which I told her stresses me out, but she dosn't seem to find that important). I think I can chill out about the testing, but now I'm worried that she will push me to be induced. I've prepared for a natural birth (Bradley classes, regular exercise, high-protein diet...), and unless the baby is in danger, I will not consent to labor induction.

I'm wondering, though, can she drop me as a patient? I don't look forward to arguing with her, and I want to maintain a positive relationship so there is less stress when I finally do go into labor.

Any suggestions? She is a very sure-of-herself, strong-willed, standard medical establishment type of doctor. I'd love to hear from anyone who has had similar experiences, or anyone who has gone this far past their due date and not had to be induced. My next appointment is tomorrow morning (after my "non-stress" test!) and I need encouragement!!

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I've not been in your situation, but thought I'd suggest some natural jump starts. Have you tried:
-having sex
-nipple stimulation
-a good long walk?

They can hurt, and they may just encourage your baby to make an appearance.

Best wishes to you,
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Hi Gardenmama, hope you've already gone into labor by the time you read this but if not, good luck! Let us know how Elismama's suggestions worked out for you! I don't know what to tell you about your doctor. They can be so tyrannical sometimes.

The dr. doesn't know what day you actually conceived...what if you ovulated 4 days late the cycle you got pregnant? Then you'd only be 3 days overdue in reality. This is what I find silly about letting the due date determine whether you get induced or not.

But, if the dr. thinks it's ont safe to go on, and you do end up consenting to induction, take this tip: do not let them strap you to a fetal monitor and hook you up to an IV as soon as you get to the hospital. You don't know how long you will wait for the dr. to come in and actially start induction. I went to the hospital for induction and lay strapped to bed for 5 hours before they even softened my cervix! (didn't have to get pitocin, thank goodness). So by the time my contractions even started, my back already hurt. It was so lame. (actual birth was great, though).
You do have the right to refuse these things. Some dr.s wont "deliver" w/out an IV but you certainly don't need it throughout your whole labor! They are tempted to put you on it as soon as you arrive which is just stupid. Just tell the nurse no way and when the dr. gets there (which will probably be when you're ready to push), you can take it up w/ her. When the nurse said she was going to give me a catheter I went ballistic and threatened to go have the baby at home . She backed off.
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Definitely try sex, and nipple stimulation. I was nearly 2 weeks overdue with DS #1, and while I was induced(to speed things up, according to the doctor), I did start labor on my own, and I believe it started because of sex. About an hour after the deed, my mucous plug fell out. By the next day(a Monday) I was 3cm dialated, and contracting regularly(but not strong). I was induced Tuesday morning.

This time, I do NOT want to be induced, and I will have my breast pump ready, DH on standby , and DH and I know of a few roads that would be perfect to take me driving on. Curb walking also helps(one foot on the curb, the other on the street)from what I've heard.
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Thanks so much for the suggestions! We've been having sex and trying to get some nipple stimulation in whenever we can (while driving, watching tv, whenever I have a hand free!), and taking long walks... I've had a few mild contractions, but not with any regularity.

I saw the dr this morning and I was right. She's ADAMANT about inducing. She says at this elevation (5000') , "we don't let babies go past 42 wks". To me, it seems ridiculous as long as the placenta is healthy, the amniotic fluid is okay, and the baby is fine. But then she said that there are sometimes false positives. I just wanted to scream! And I know this stress is going to keep me from going into labor. Why can't drs just leave it alone and let things happen the way nature intends? I know, I know, I should be seeing a midwife. Unfortunately our insurance would not cover it and we are having a very hard time making ends meet. Next time, though, I will save up the money, go with my instincts and have a homebirth!

The doctor did suggest Blue Cohosh tea and sex...

If anyone has any other suggestions, I would be grateful. Also, how to deal with a doctor bent on induction! Or if you've had experience with problems when you've gone post-due, I need your input!

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i did nipple stimulation, for like 3 solid hours when i went past my due date. i had a non-stress test on monday, which was 2 days past the EDD. went home, walked, got in bed with a book and just twisted my nipple while i read. had baby 24 hours later.
i don't know what to tell you about your induction-happy doctor. other than let her schedule an induction, and then when the day comes, don't show up. tell her you are already in labor, and it's a stop and start deal and you'll come in when things get cooking. i'm not sure what altitude has to do with inducing, i'd really like to hear the why's of that!
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Shoshannas mom,

The dr said something about aspiration levels, I guess the altitude supposedly has to do with blood-oxygen levels, that's all I know. Seems like a minor thing to me.

The dr also said she could induce by putting a cream on my cervix. Has anyone had experience with this? It doesn't sound as bad as pitocin, but I still would rather let the baby decide when to be born.
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Just wanted to say Hi, I'm in NM too.
You've gotten some great advice, you can also try evening primrose oil. Take a couple of capsules a day.
There is an aucpunture point on the inside of your foot you can push. You aren't suppose to do it unless you are in labor (because it brings on contractions but that is what you want ).
Go about four fingers wide up the inside of you leg from your ankle and press, it really brought on contractions for me.
Also when you are having sex have an orgasm if you can, they cause the uterus to contract.
Did the doctor ever check you, is your cervix ready at all to have this baby? It may not be the best option, but you know they can't drag you to the hospital and force you to induce. You can always give it a few days beyond 42 weeks if all is looking fine.
I know it's too late now but I used a midwife through Lovelace and had a great experience.
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Butting in.

About the gel. They used that on me too when I was overdue. It didn't do a thing, although I know for some it does. Just remember that once you start the ball rolling by agreeing to the gel, if it doesn't work they will want to try the next step. Like pitocin. So just make an informed choice. I ended up with a c section basically because baby wasn't ready yet. We had no medical need to be induced.

Ultimately it's your choice we all stand behind you no matter what you decide.
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I'm curious as to what that cream your doc is suggesting as an alternative to pitocin. Is it possibly cytotec? Ask and do a little research on this drug. Supposidly it's a drug commonly used "off label" to induce labor (in other words, that's not it's FDA approved use, and in fact the label now has to say that it shouldn't be used for inducing labor, but it's commonly accepted in the ob world I guess). I've read some not so good things about this - do some Google research! Anyone else out there know more than I do?
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I really feel for you. Call your Bradley instructor for some support. I liked the suggestion from shoshannas mom... appease the doc but don't go along with anything you don't want. The pregnancy police won't come to your house and force you to be induced.

Keep in mind that going to the hospital and agreeing to any procedures opens the door to other interventions. It is a lot easier to hold your ground when you are standing up, wearing your own clothes than after they have gotten you into a gown and prone on the bed. As has been said, once they start they won't stop. It's not like they will use some progesterone cream and if doesn't work they will shrug and say 'not ready yet, go home and see what happens'. If the cream doesn't work they will up the ante until they get the baby out.

And by all means, ask WHAT the cream is. If it IS cytotec.... run. Do a search for it in this board. That stuff is bad news. This is your decision. Best of luck with your birth.
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So how's it going?
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I thought Cytotec only came in pill form, since it's real use is as an ulcer drug?

From what I've read the creams the use are prostaglandins, which are also in semen. My husband is all ready to help me get started if I go past due. He just wants me to let him know when we need to start having lots of sex and him twiddling my nipples. What a thoughtful guy, huh?

Gardenmama, my childbirth educator also suggested eating something very spicy. She said, eat what usually gives you diarreha.

Good luck!
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me too, from what I understood (not an expert) cytotec comes in pill form only.

I know that the gel they used on me was prostaglandin. at least that's what I was told, it's been almost 13 years....
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HI...another overdue mom here (11 days and counting!!!). The cream is probably prostaglandin gel, which is usually synthetically made - though one friend thought it is sometimes derived from bull semen (I think she was kidding). It should work pretty well if you r cervix is ripening nicely, dilating, effacing, etc (or starting to). About the cytotec...it can be given orally, vaginally (the tabs are supposited in the vagina near the cervix) or intravenously. Sometimes it is mixed in a happy (I'm being snide) little cocktail (IV). Yes it is an ulcer drug and the FDA has not approved it for use in labor but the ACOG has been promoting it as the induction drug of choice since the late 90's. FYI the manufacturer has officially stated that it doesn't approve of the use of cytotec in labor/miscarriage/abortion based on lack of clinical studies for those purposes and for their findings that it can cause massive uterine hemorrage, unknown effects on the fetus, etc. I'm so bummed cause my MIDWIFE is so into it - but I've told her absolutely under no circumstances is she to administer it to me.
Good luck to you!
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I went through a very similar ordeal with dd. I refused to be induced, and the ob would not take no for an answer. To cut a long story short, I didn't turn up for five or more appts for induction, I would go home and then call the hospital and ob and say that I wasn't coming. She just kept making those appts for me though!

I had to be incredibly assertive, I went along with the daily tests, (which I now think I should have refused too) but I would not give in.

In the end I talked to variuos midwives, but none would take me on because I was past my due date and it was too difficult for them. But one recommended that I went for acupuncture. I had my first contraction on the acupuncturist's couch!

She told me that I'd be in full labour within 48 hours, which was exactly correct. I went into labour naturally, but even so, when I got to the hospital they wouldnt' believe me and were of the 'induction' mindset. For that reason I had to still be incredibly assertive throughout the labour.

Suffice to say that this time I'm using a midwife. My advice to you is to stand firm, it is YOUR body they are talking about. They will try everything on you to make you give in - including the guilt trip that the baby will be 'too big' (to which my response was 'how much weight do you think she will put on her HEAD??") and that the baby will have problems etc etc. All of that is nonsense. If you were in France, the ob wouldnt start counting the date until 41 weeks anyway! The 40 weeks is an arbitary length of time, and not even accurate.

Dd was born two weeks late - in her own time, and was 9lbs and perfect. I laboured with no problems except those that were caused by the ob.

Stick to your guns and trust your instincts. They are terrified of litigation, and they have a mindset that women don't know their own bodies and don't know how to birth without an ob intervening. If you can find an acupuncturist who does this sort of work, I'd recommend using her - we had to pay but it was the best $80 we spent!

Hope this helps!
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Just to add, don't trust that they will just use the prostaglandin gel and stop if you dont go into labour. You'd have a battle to walk out of there and would have to be a very strong woman.

Even though I was IN LABOUR when I arrived at the hospital, they had on my notes that I needed inducing, and somehow I ended up with the prostogladin gel - don't ask me why, but it's so hard to argue once you're there and they've 'got' you. I did stand up for myself after that initial shock, and eventually got moved to a normal delivery room and didnt let them go onto the next step of pitocin. But oh my goodness, they wanted to. I was viewed as a very difficult and stupid woman who was putting my baby at risk.

When you get to the hospital, I would wear your own clothes, and make sure your attendants know your wishes and are prepared to be very assertive. You need them to advocate for you so that you can get on with labour. My labour was severely effected and slowed down by the fact that I didnt dare let my guard down - I was even arguing with the ob as I pushed the baby out because I refused an episiotomy!
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I know what you mean about non-stress tests causing stress. I had a terrible hospital birth with my first and with my second had a midwife. Her backup doctor's protocol was that after 42 weeks one had to go in for non-stress tests, and a few days after that they would induce. For the non-stress tests I would have had to go into the hospital where I had had my previous horrible birth and the whole idea set me into such panic that I was determined to have the baby by 42 weeks.

I tried everything I heard about, sex (with hips raised afterwards), spicy foods, cumin, walking, evening primrose oil inserted into my vagina (again with hips raised), black and blue cohosh, had my midwife strip my membranes, etc. etc. and nothing happened. On the very last day before I would have had to go into the hospital, I took castor oil (I scrambled eggs in it), and it worked. I fell asleep, woke up an hour later, and three hours later, I had a baby! I would personally only do castor oil as a last resort as it *can* cause terrible runs (it didn't for me), but if you are at that point it can work well.

If you want more information on things to try to go into labor and about castor oil or about the things your doctor is trying to do, I recommend checking out The Midwife Archives at http://gentlebirth.org/archives/

Good luck!
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