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Probiotics for a 19 month old?

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My 19 month DS is having some issues with constipation.  I have heard that a probiotic may help.  I was wondering what brand and dosage other people have used?  I know that it is best to take in between meals.  How do you get it into them, if not with food?  


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I'm not sure about the dosage, you'll have to read the bottle.  However, I have given my son pro-biotics that are made for kids.  Whole foods has them in their vitamin section, they're chewable and easy to eat.  I always just gave him 1-2 depending on the dosage of the bottle.  It's always worth a shot and certainly won't hurt anything.

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I use probiotics ( http://www.inno-vite.com/en3/products/Probiotics/detail.php?prod_id=AD-09-05&cat_id=4) with my dd (2 and 10 months old). Started using them when she self weaned at 21 months. I usually add it to yogurt or a smoothie at breakfast.


My daughter is incredibly "regular", and has never experienced constipation... but i actually don't credit the probiotics for that as much as the fats in her diet. I add olive oil, coconut oil, or butter to everything i offer her/make for her, and a lot of it!  I've noticed that olive oil seems to have the greatest "effect" in this area.


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I hear activa works great.  If you can do dairy, if not, try silk yogurt, if your cool with soy.  We do one of those a day.  (My non-allergic son just has a regular yogurt once a day) and they both are VERY regular.  lol.gif

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We use a chewable probiotic. It says 2+ on it but I was comfortable using it eariler since my 18 month old was 32 lbs.

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I've been giving my now 19 month old "culterelle" on a semi-regular basis since he was 9 months old. He contracted some sort of bacterial illness (one of those ones the dept of health tracks & interviews parents about), and gave it to him on his doctors recommendation . Cleared it up within a day or two. I probably give it to him 3 times a week. His doc said the adult dosage is fine and he's had no issue from it. I break open the capsule, and put the powder either in applesauce or a kefir smoothie.
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Thanks for all the great info. 

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