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Twin positive stories with a short cervix

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I have a 2.4 length at 19 weeks, Dr's don't know why. Its not incompetent but shortening early. Did for my 1st preg too found at 28 weeks delivered at 32. I'm just so scared. I'm not on bed rest yet but I spot randomly on and off. Spotting started when they started me on prometrium. Only occurs first thing in morning and subsides throughout day, strange. High risk Dr could not find reason for spotting.  What causes this shortening? Any stories? I'm so nervous carrying twins and having this happen so early.

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Here's a positive story for you!!


I was 3.4 at my 18 week ultrasound. I was getting ready to move out of state, so my doctor suggested I have an u/s before the big move. At 22 weeks I was 2.2. We were all completely freaked out. I was put on modified bedrest and in spite of a negative Fetal Fibronectin, we opted to do steroid shots before the big move, just in case. 


I took it easy for the remainder of the pregnancy. No bed rest, but no lifting, long walks, etc. 


We continued to do u/s with an OB, but I optimistically planned my homebirth. My cervix hung out at 2.2 for most of the remainder of my pregnancy. I think it went to 2.1 at some point. 


At 36 weeks, I started gleefully taking long walks and picking up my 3 year old. At 38 weeks I got PUPPP and was really ready to be done. Finally, at 40 weeks 3 days the little stinkers decided to make their appearance. It was a lovely homebirth. 


My OB, who is a peri-natalogist, made a great point. Woman who are not high risk do not have serial cervical length measurements, so the data we have on what constitutes, "normal" is pretty skewed. His theory was just that I had a "shorty cervix." That was probably just my normal and I may have had one with my singleton as well, but that since we only had one u/s we never knew. My cervix was short, but it held up to 15 pounds of baby just fine! If it is short, but it isn't effacing significantly ( I think they call it funneling?), I don't think there is any reason to assume you will go early. 


Take it easy and eat LOTS of protein. I think that made a difference for me as well. Read Barbara Luke's book, if you haven't already. Her research showed lower rates of prematurity when twin moms ate a high protein diet and gained adequate weight. 


Good luck, Mama!!

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did you work on modified? I feel like I a acting as tho I am on modified already, stopped working out, no chores but i do still work and do have to go up/down stairs.


Can you explain this more? " serial cervical meas."


I guess I am just nervous with the spotting and winded feeling as well as pressure. i am a normally 135 5'7'' and have gained about 25 lbs-so doing good on the weight!!!

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I worked very little, some from home and the rest mostly sitting anyway. I had quit my full-time job already since we were getting ready to move. 


By serial cervical measurements, I mean getting cervical measurements multiple times during a pregnancy.


Most low risk moms get:

1. an ultrasound to confirm dates at the beginning (which doesn't measure cervical length)

2. a level 2 ultrasound at 18-20 weeks

3. an ultrasound toward the end to confirm position or check fluid level.


Many of these women may have been like me and had a cervical length in the normal range at 18 weeks, which then shortened dramatically during the 2nd trimester. If they had no more ultrasounds nobody would know. So maybe, our understanding of the significance of cervical shortening is wrong. It may not be as much of a risk factor for preterm birth as we think, because usually we are only checking women who have other risk factors for prematurity. This was speculation from my high risk OB, and I just thought it was a very good point.  


Awesome job on the weight gain!! Keep up the protein! I remember how intense the pressure was. I felt like they were going to fall out sometimes. Hang in there!

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