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Maria and Kimmy, Yahooooo! How wonderful! Kimmy, your story had me crying happy tears! Thanks for sharing---I'm so inspired
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Congratulations Maria!

Kimmy, that was a wonderful birth story! I LOL about you sucking her nose! Congrats to you also!
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I wanted to post a link to some belly photos of me (and some of my daughter)


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Thanks for posting those pictures You look fabulous!
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Congratulations Maria and Kimmy!!!! Kimmy, what a lovely birth story. Thanks for sharing!

Abby-beautiful belly! I can't wait for that!
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HI I am a new soon to be homebirthing mom and am soooo exicted!

I just had my first meeting with the mw that was recommended to me and I LOVE her - we really clicked and my husband (who is a bit weary of hb, but is willing to go along) liked her too! I have my first apt next month - and she will come to my house for all the prenatel apts! I am just so exicted and had to share with someone! This is my first hb - my first was a hospital epidural birth, my second was a birthcenter waterbirth.....

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Congrats to Maria & Kimmy!

I had a prenantal appointment today. I'm 30 weks 4 days. Measuring 30 weks, the heartbeat was 150 & the baby was head down. I *know* the baby is probably still turning around at this point, but I figure if it happened to be head down at the appointment, then thats how it likely spends most of it's time.

Abby, good pictures! And ZZ looks so much like her daddy in the first one!
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Interesting intuition last night...I realized after reading something somewhere on MDC that this baby seemed to be posterior. I didn't think much of it, as my intuition hasn't been workin' for me very well recently.

Today I had my 36 week appt, the m'w palpated my belly, and said "seems like the baby is a bit posterior". Cool. Well, not cool-cool, but cool that I knew it last night.

So now I get to spend my time in odd positions and sitting forward. No wonder I've been feeling the b/c contrax in my back, eh?
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Hey Molly,
If you havent seen this website i think its awesome... Spinning babies
It shows you how to get your baby into optimal positions throughout pregnancy and labour.
When i was in labour with my son, he was totally posterior and the midwife actually reached in and turned him around by his head while a student midwife massaged my belly in one direction to convince him to roll over while I was on my hands and knees. I was so glad because i truly felt like someone was sawing me in half my back hurt so much. With my last babe I really practised on sitting laying in good positions and she was positioned perfect and was born so easily.
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Thanks Tanja! I had that page somewhere in my favorites, but this makes it easier on me to find.
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My girls were born Good Friday, April 9. Amelie Grace was born at 11:28am and weighed 6 pounds 8 ounces. Isabella Margaret was born at 6:09pm and weighed 7 pounds 10 ounces. Yes they were over 6 1/2 hours apart and born at home!!! It was not an easy labor or birth like I hoped it would be, being at 9 cm and all. My uterus was measuring 49 cm Thursday night when I started laboring. It was very over-extended and we had to do a lot to keep it working, but gratefully I had patient midwives who were willing to wait as long as it took to get the babies out.

Pictures are up-please enjoy:
Amelie and Isabella

So far they seem to be fraternal. We think that Isabella may have even been conceived a few days before Amelie so I'm going to check out my chart.
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Amazing! Two beautiful babes born at home... I am in awe... congratulations.. That is briliant
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Wow Kendall what a SUPER MAMA!!!
You must be so proud and they look soooo sweet! Thats amazing that they were both born so spread apart and at home!!
I cant wait to hear all your details it sounds so interesting
Blessings on your big happy family!

Tanja, mama to Raven 11, Jakob 4, Ben 2, and baby Maiya

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Congrats Kendall! I am so happy for you. What beautiful babies.
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Congratulations Maria, cant wait to read your birth story! Thanks for sharing your beautiful birth Kimmy!!

WELCOME!! Amelie and Isabella!!!

Congratulations, Kendall!! They are beautiful, I love the pic of you and the two babes lying down. They seem so content. That is so wonderful! My cousin had boy/girl twins this morning via c-birth though.

I am getting so anxious to birth again! I am 20 weeks today, half way! Babe is giving me stronger kicks every day!!

Happy baby moons to the new moms!
Happy gestating to everyone else!!

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Kendall, wow! That is so awesome that you were able to birth your girls just the way they were meant to be born!! They are beautiful, as are you, your older daughter, and of course your dh too! Happy babymoon to you all!
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Congratulations, Kendall! I am so happy for you that all went well and you have two more beautiful little girls to love!
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Kendall - how amazing. What strength and energy!

Tanja - that's how DD was turned and I agree; it sure makes you pay attention to your posture!
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I've been off the board for quite a while. . .congrats to the new mamas and babies (kendall, the twins are so cute!). And welcome to the new mamas.

I can't belive Karis is 4 weeks old already. (and I still haven't posted my birth story). I'm feeling really good and she is such a good baby (sleeps at least 5-6 hours most nights). And I'm still enjoying telling others about the homebirth experience. It's really been great.

Well, I'm still here, and enjoying the thread. Take care all pregnant mamas!
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Hey all,

This thread is getting a bit quiet. Are we all just getting tired of talking about gestating, or what?

I had a midwife appt. today. It went really well. My husband came with me for the first time, and it was good for him to meet one of our midwives. He was also able to say that he wants to catch the baby...I think his words were, "I intend to catch the baby." LOL...kind of forward...but whatever. My midwife saw the look of "ummm I'm not so sure about this" on my face and she assured me that whichever of the midwives was there would be there to support my perineum and make sure DH didn't do anything "excitable" (like pulling it out before it's ready or whatever). I'm much more ok with this idea now.

I found out that, for today, the baby is head down. Good good. That's where I want it to be comfortable. DH has been talking to the baby right at my pubic bone for a couple of days...which is good.

My Braxton Hicks contractions are sure increasing and lasting quite a while (like a minute or more). They don't hurt, but it makes moving through them difficult (they always seem to hit when I'm walking up the stairs).

Ummm, what else? Oh, yeah. I processed more of the "trust" issues I have with my midwives and we also talked a little about the political rift between registered and non-registered midwives in B.C. I'm currently finding myself caught between the two and it is not beneficial to me and my birth at all...long story...don't really mean to get into it here...suffice it to say, it's affecting how I feel about my care and my past birth. Anyway, it was nice and I think I feel like she really hears my concerns which makes me trust her more and more. Good good good!!!

Well, as I've been typing this, my dear little 2.5 year old has climbed into a half filled laundry basket on top of our window seat and covered herself in some laundry. She is now fast asleep. I wish I had film in the camera or a digital. She is absolutely PRECIOUS!!

I'm also finding that I have to pee ALL the time now. I can't make it through the night anymore Oh well. I'm in training for newborn sleeplessness, right....

Hang in there, mamas!

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