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Supportive/comfy hip carrier

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I have a 7 month old, maybe 19 pounds; we have been using a SSC (action baby) but since he's started crawling and is suddenly interested in everything, he doesn't like the carrier and constantly arches his head back and down to see what he's missing ahead.. can't be comfy for him, and passerby think I'm just letting a sleepy baby dangle out of the carrier.

He LOVES being on my hip, but all I have is a sling to help with that, and it obvously hurts my shoulder quickly. Plus, he is very rigid and arches a lot that it's tough to hold him in.

suggestions of a different carrier? 

I did see online instructions to use an Ergo on the hip, but doesn't that one strap dig into your neck?  I'll give it a try.

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I have the same problem with an active baby.  I use the Ergo on my hip and find it to be very comfortable.  Way more comfy than the sling!

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I've never liked the Ergo or other regular SSCs on the hip, it does ride up into my neck and I have heard the same from lots of other people.  It's good in a pinch, but not ideal.

You may want to look into a Scootababy.  It's a structured carrier designed specifically for wearing on the hip.  It's have a supportive wasit band and then the shoulder part is fleece, which I have found cups the shoulder pretty well and is very comfy.

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I would suggest Scootababy also. I do have an issue though with the shoulder cup riding up my neck (son is 23 pounds) but it is extremely easy to put on so that makes up for this issue. Ultimately I reach for my Scootababy first these days. 

I just ordered a Gemini, so we will see how it does with hip carries. The reason I ordered the Gemini is that I need a two shouldered SSC that I can nurse in and carry an older baby comfortably once he is asleep.

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