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soo tired...

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So how do you cope with the exhaustion ? I'd love to hear all the little tricks you're developing or have developed!!

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So far my trick is to take a short 20-30 minute nap in my car during my lunch break. Sheepish.gif

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I just nap whenever I can. With the kids watching tv for example and I go to bed at around 8 pm! It is awful!

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Yeah, I don't think there's much to do but rest whenever you can. I don't remember being THIS exhausted with DD, and I was working fulltime, on my feet a lot! I do remember keeping a pillow and blanket in the car and taking power naps for my lunch breaks for a while then. Now I've just had to let go of some mommy guilt and let DD have a bit more screen time than we normally would, and nap with her when she obliges. Also I've gone to bed super early with her a few times. Even with the extra sleep, there's lots of times that I just can't seem to get off the couch, or at least have to lay on the floor while she plays. 

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I feel you!  DH and I had our first date night in months last Friday.  We got home at 7:30 and I went to lay down with a hot compress on my head, 'just for a minute hon'...and I didn't wake up till 7:00 the next morning!  DH was a little perturbed to say the least.


I don't think there is much you can do about it.  (How ironic that we aren't supposed to drink caffeine).

Try to let go of some of the stuff in your life and just rest.  Listen to your body.  Sleep whenever your little one lets you.

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That brings up my question, is anyone struggling to give up coffee too? Last time I quit drnking it months before getting pregnant but never got around to it this time and my bfp took me a little by surprise. So I tried quitting immediately but am having such a hard time. I know they say some coffee is safe so I'm seriously reconsidering....!
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The number I usually hear that is safe is less than 200 mg a day (~One SMALL cup of coffee).


Since one of the risks that caffeine poses is a greater chance of miscarriage I try to abstain completely during the first trimester.  After that I'll have a cup in the morning.  I still eat chocolate and will drink a rare cup of iced tea in the first trimester, but if something were to go wrong I'd like fewer reasons to blame myself.


I really struggled to give up coffee with my first pregnancy.  I still craved it ALL THE TIME.  This time around I'm lucky (?) that the smell of coffee makes me want to puke.

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I haven't hit the extreme exhaustion yet, but am more tired than usual.  With 4 kids, it's nearly impossible to sleep during the day, but have been going to bed by 8-9 pm.  With #4, the exhaustion hit full on from about 12 weeks to 20 wks and I used to turn on Dora and take a 20 min nap almost every day.

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Yikes!  Usually the fatigue lessons in the second trimester.  I hope it doesn't ambush you in the second tri this time like it did the last time!

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I am so exhausted, I can't take it.  Plus I just got a cold.  I am so cranky with my little guy. I need to get that under control.

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My new prenatal vitamins and minerals are really helping me with the exhaustion.  Also, letting go of the chores and resting when ds naps.

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