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Exercise Thread

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Alot of us are in or nearing our second trimesters and finally able to resume some semblance of normal.


I wanted to start this thread to help those of us that are trying to stick to an exercise routine through our pregnancies support each other, offer suggestions, and have some accountability.


So, come on it and share how you are staying motivated and what is working for you.

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I recently lost 27 lbs before our surprise BFP and really had wanted to lose 20 more.  I'd like to keep my weight gain in the 15-20 lb range this pregnancy.  I gained 23 with DD with no exercise, just healthy eating, so Im hopeful I can stay on the lower end.


My goal during this pregnancy is to keep my strength up and work on my endurance.  Im preparing for a VBAC and look at it like Im preparing for a marathon.  I want to be as mobile and healthy as possible.  My last pregnancy  I did not regularly exercise and I want not only this pregnancy, but my whole life to be different then the life of inactivity I used to lead.  Ive struggled with eating disorders and being overweight since a car accident in my teens.  I want to teach my almost 3 year old the beauty of moving her body and the joy we get from using our body.  I want to have the stamina to birth this baby here in my home.  I want to stay healthy.


For the last week Ive been able to start things back up and this is my hope:

Walk 1.5 miles on the treadmill at 3 mph/ 10% incline 5 days a week.

Do this yoga routine (as much of it as I can modified for pregnancy) , 2 times a week

Bowflex strength maintenance.  Im focusing on my lower back, glutes and hip adductors, 2 times a week

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hey mamachef - that's GREAT!  Cardio + strength + flexibility - It's the trifecta.


I swim and do rigorous yoga.  I haven't made it in to do my strength training stuff for a while.  Happily I didn't miss out too much during the first tri.


Last week I was sick and it knocked me out for a week so I'm getting back into it.


Yay accountability thread!

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I'll join in!

I try to take a class called Strictly Strength twice a week and one spinning class a week (though have failed on that commitment last 2 weeks.) spinning is great cardio (even with my half a$$ pregnancy effort) but I dont' know how long I'll last with my bladder. My last pregnancy I had to give it up pretty quickly b/c I was getting up twice per class to use the bathroom. I will probably replace spinning with 30 mins on the elliptical. If I can maintain 3 work-outs per week until week 36 or 37 I'll be happy.

I started this pregnancy about 10 pounds over my average weight so I'm feeling discouraged in general, but just keep telling myself that after this baby I have the rest of my life to get into the shape I want to be.

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I am playing my last two hockey games this week, which should be fun, but Ill miss it this winter :( I will continue to play ultimate frisbee at work though. Last pregnancy I biked throughout, this time I don't quite have the time luxury to do that (its an extra hour commuting every day if I do bike) but I'm hoping to do it once a week or so, if the weather is nice.


one thing I did last time that I am having trouble finding time for is a regular yoga class. The scheduling is just so much harder now! I have trouble doing things w/out Z in the afternoon/evenings I guess. But it was really good and helped w/ labor as well, so I need to find a class that works for me.

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great idea mamachef.  i need this right about now.


i've got about 20 lbs more on me than i did when i got pregnant with dd four years ago.  i probably won't gain as much as i did with her (40 lbs), but it's still more than i hoped to weigh when i got pregnant again. 


thanks for the motivation (and accountability) thread.

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I so need this thread!  I lost a ton of weight this summer- not sure how much because I dont own a scale and judge by clothes- but let's just say I couldn't keep any of my pre-pg pants up.  I started this pg around 10lbs less than last time according to the dr. but lately my only form of exercise is opening fridge/pantry and raising food to mouthredface.gif.  OK, its not that bad but my 2 walks a day have degenerated into one and I am lucky to get in 3 yoga sessions a week.  I haven't worked out at all in weeks.  Granted we just moved, nightweaned DS so I never sleep and I have been struggling through a huge workload but I need to get this show on the road.


I plan on getting in a minimum of cardio/strength 3x week, yoga 4x week, and daily walks (usually 3 miles or so in very hilly unpaved country).


There, now I have committed!

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Yeah, an exercise thread! Thanks for starting it.thumb.gif

I was within 5-10lbs of my ideal weight and feeling good and strong when I got pregnant this time. I started off this pregnancy with a scary bleeding episode and had to lay off strenuous exercise for awhile just to be safe. After a month of being a couch potato and no more bleeding I slowly eased into exercise again. I limited myself to brisk walking at first and then slowly added in a little gentle, slow jogging. I've been increasing the jogging time and speed a little and decreasing the walking time. I've gotten in an hour everyday 5-6days/week for the last several weeks and have been feeling great with lots of energy and so far no more bleeding or spotting at all. I'm hoping that's a good sign and that I'll be cleared to add in weight lifting after my big u/s here in a couple of weeks. I'm also thinking about checking out a yoga class or dvd.

Thanks again for starting the thread! I'm afraid I'm going to need all the motivation I can get seeing how the cold, yucky months are here. It's so much easier to want to hit the pavement when it's warm and sunny. I do have a treadmill at least, but it's not as fun as going outside so I have to really think about how good it will make me feel afterwards and just do it. I plan to bundle up and go outdoors as much as I can even if it's chilly, but on days like today(rainy, cold, and 30mph wind) it's the treadmill.

Here's hoping we can all find the motivation and discipline to stick with our exercise goals!fingersx.gif
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I'm doing exercise videos at home mostly. I have the "Perfect Pregnancy Workout" and "10 minute Solution Prenatal Pilates" and have been doing them about 3x/week. I'm hoping to do the treadmill occasionally at the gym as well.

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Hi everyone, 

I work in wellness professionally and am a yoga teacher so I wanted to add something to this thread.


First of all, there are lots of ways to get "exercise" that don't include straight up cardio or going to the gym.  The basic guideline is to shoot for 30 minutes of moderate movement a day, and you can break this down into no lower than 10 minute increments.


So... getting up and really moving around the house in a whirlwind (or a pregnant lady's whirlwind to be exact) for ten minutes COUNTS!!!  In my company we encourage people to start with manageable goals and to celebrate successes.  So if you can get 10 minutes straight a few times a week (if you're coming back from a really rough first trimester or something life crashing like a move...) that's a GREAT START.


The goal would be to just do a little bit more each week, and if you get knocked down from stress, sickness, etc, give yourself "credit" for taking care of yourself - taking vitamins, getting rest, and eating good healthy whole foods.


Another way to get moving or to work with physical activity goals is to strap on a pedometer.  I run pedometer walking programs many times a year for many different groups and the goal is 6000-8000 steps a day.  You'll probably find that you get 2000 steps normally unless you're on your feet a lot or are chasing a toddler around all day.  2000 is like drive to work, sit, drive home, do some stuff around the house, that's it.  Basically you'd up your steps by taking a 45 minute walk.


I myself am a plus sized person who's incredibly healthy.  It's kind of hard being in the wellness field but it's been a challenge to my self confidence that I'm happy to say most days I've overcome.  It's not about being perfect - it's about being kind to yourself first - making your head a nice place to live.  When you act kindly toward yourself and can set a timer for ten minutes and just turn on a CD and dance - you're on your way.


Every little bit counts, celebrate your successes no matter how small.  Getting "active" in small steps is one of the best things you can do (as mamachef says) to set an example for your little ones.  However no example is a good one if it involves negative self talk.



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Hi everyone!  So glad there are some other folks to do this with. :)


Annaconda, I totally hear what you are saying.  I used the bodybugg system to lose the weight last time.  It was really helpful to see the chart read out of my calorie expenditure during the day.  It sure motivated me to clean when I could see that I had burned as many calories doing that as I did on a treadmill walking without the incline.  At first it was difficult to hit the 5k step goal, but towards the end I was often hitting 10k, and it felt great to move my body that much.  I loved the bodybugg because if by the end of the day I hadnt hit my goal I could spend some extra time picking up around the house, take a few minutes of stairs, be more motivated to jump on the treadmill, etc.  Luckily with my first I lost everything Id gained in 2 weeks.  I was still 20lbs overweight when I started my pregnancy but, It was the post partum where I gained the weight.  Sleep deprivation was not a motivator for me to eat right and exercise... LOL.  Im glad to have the bodybugg this time.







Mad props to those of you that have been able to keep it up through the morning sickness phase.  I really wish I could have motivated myself to atleast get in a walk a week, but all I wanted to do was lay on the couch and try to think of anything but puking.  So glad that has passed with only 2 lbs of weight gain so far.  I tried to atleast eat healthy as often as I could.  I'd like to get up to walking 10 miles a week in a couple months so you guys give me hope.  Id really rather walk outside but it's too cold and rainy here until the baby comes. I dont enjoy walking in the rain.  It really bugs me because of my glasses.


Decided to try my cardio hula instead of the treadmill last night because my dd is sick and being a big clingy and the treadmill is downstairs and I didnt want to deal with keeping her off everything.  Ouch round ligaments this morning.  I didnt have any pain while doing the DVD but my psoas and round ligaments sure are sore today. 

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I started out this pregnancy in pretty good shape having gone back to martial arts about 9 mths prior to conceiving.  Still, I am not nearly as fit as I would like.  I have always been slightly underweight so my goal this pregnancy is to gain healthy weight and increase my muscle tone.  I do a brisk walk almost 7 days a week - weekdays 2 miles and weekends closer to 3 miles.  I am also attending a prenatal yoga clas 1x a week but would like to find a good DVD (suggestions?) that I can do at home.  I am also looking for a good workout DVD for at home that is geared to mild cardio/strenth for preggos.  If I could do the cardio/strength 2x a week that would be great.  I just need to keep myself from exercising too much that I don't gain weight.  I gained about 22lbs with DD1 and DD2.  It was a LOT of work for me to gain that weight as I don't eat junk and can't handle anything oily or greasy.  


Great thread.  :)

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Well, thank you for starting this thread. It really reminds me that I need to be working hard at being in shape. I am trying for my first VBAC and really want to have the stamina to be able to do it. 


I joined the gym yesterday, and will be taking water aerobics three times a week. I did this with my last pregnancy and it helped tremendously!


Thanks for this thread and this group! I am loving the support.



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I managed to keep up my routine throughout the first trimester, so now I feel like I'm smooth sailing through the 2nd trimester.  I'm not laying on my back anymore, but I still do incline exercises and standing core exercises.  I still do all my usual cardio - running (including sprints, even if I have slowed down a bit!), spinning, biking, step aerobics, stair master, etc.  I'm still lifting weights 3x a week.  I think this has really helped my weight gain.  With DD, I gained 10lbs in my 1st trimester.  This time, I'm at 15 weeks, and I've gained a whole 1.5lbs.


The Nation's Triathlon is being held Sept. 11, 2011, which will be almost exactly 4mos post-partum for me.  It's one of those things... if everything goes smoothly and well, I could be ready for it.  So, that's my motivation to keep up with my exercise.  I would love to be able to compete in Sept.  (It is an Olympic distance tri - 1.5k swim, 25k bike, and 10k run, so not too bad.)


I also have 5K races (runs, I guess, since I'm running for fun, not to win)  scheduled for Nov. 25th (next week!), Dec. 18th, and Jan. 2.  Once the rest of the 2011 race schedule comes out, I'll probably sign up for ones in Feb. and Mar., too.

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Wow what a motivating thread!  I've let my fitness slide almost completely since returning to work a year ago after mat leave with DD.  Once the first Tri hit though & my iron levels bottomed out that did me in completely.  What I really miss is the feeling of strength & fluidity in my body.  In my first pregnancy there was lots of time for looong daily walks as well as yoga for flexibility & I miss that a lot.  Aside from wanting to increase my stamina to achieve my home birth this time, I want the strength & stamina just for me!

It's no excuse I know!  But I am really struggling with fitting exercise in with a 2yr old & 2hrs of commuting daily before I crash into bed 40 mins after she does.  I'm really hoping that with the 2nd tri starting & heavy iron supplementation that I can get things rolling again.  Any tips here are dearly appreciated!


I currently walk on my lunch hours for a brisk 30-40 mins.  Money is unfortunately too tight for a gym membership or studio yoga classes so the rest will have to be from home.  I've got a great set of free weights though & a dog that needs some extra walks so that will help to offer some motivation.  I'd love suggestions to any favorite cardio, strength, yoga or pilates videos that have worked well for anyone during pregnancy!!


Thanks all - I needed this reminder to take care of myself.  I

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CinCanada - 

2 hrs of commuting is a life-buster.  Sorry about that!!!!

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Originally Posted by annaconda View Post

CinCanada - 

2 hrs of commuting is a life-buster.  Sorry about that!!!!



I used to do that before DD and I cant imagine having to do it now and trying to get anything else in my life done!  No tips, only hugs :)

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ugh, so my hockey game last night went as expected, by midway I was so nauseous it was hard to play as well as I'd like. I got home, still nauseous. My nausea seems SO much worse in the evenings? in the AM I can eat and combat it okay, its just a hunger-nausea, but in the evenings its both hunger AND digestion issues - so if I eat, I just get a different KIND of nausea. I am still trying to figure out what I can eat in the evenings that doesn't just SIT and make me feel ill the rest of the night :(


I played ultimate frisbee today at work too and got a bit nauseous, but not as bad. But again this evening, ugh. And I have a hockey practice tomorrow evening as well so that might not go well. At least the game Sunday is only at 1pm, I should play a bit better if its that early.


I can't wait until the sickness goes away! I have like 6 more weeks I think :( (if its like last time)

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I also play hockey and my Dr. made me quit as soon as i found out i was pregnant, not because i am at high risk but because of the chance of blows to the belly. It has been the hardest thing to do yet, giving up something that i enjoy and having been doing for about 15 years. Only a couple more months i suppose :) it will be well worth it, i know! I have hit the free weights again at the gym and feel so out of shape, but i have the energy to start going again which makes me happy.

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Originally Posted by Stumpette View Post

I also play hockey and my Dr. made me quit as soon as i found out i was pregnant, not because i am at high risk but because of the chance of blows to the belly. It has been the hardest thing to do yet, giving up something that i enjoy and having been doing for about 15 years. Only a couple more months i suppose :) it will be well worth it, i know! I have hit the free weights again at the gym and feel so out of shape, but i have the energy to start going again which makes me happy.

oh interesting. many women on my team play while pregnant, usually just the first trimester (since the uterus is pretty much covered by the pelvis and pelvic protector, etc. My doc knows as well. Since its womens, its not really 'checking' although I suppose it does happen. Our game today had a lot of contact, its true. I stopped last time at about 14wks, and probably will this time, though Ill still go to practice. (won't do any contact drills) I actually have tried to read a lot about it, since I wonder really what kind of abdominal force is really needed to cause an issue. I'd love to play one more game, the last one before xmas, but I'd be 16wks, so I think Ill probably sit out. It is hard though! I don't play except in winter so its a long break for me.

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