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I hit the free weight side of the gym today, and it felt awesome.  I've shifted from bench press to incline press.  Did a lot of dead-lifts, lunge-to-curls, squat-to-press.  Found the captain's chair for some core work, since I'm no longer laying on my back for core work either.  Also did core rotations on a cable machine.  I felt good after that workout!

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I hit the free weight side of the gym today, and it felt awesome.  I've shifted from bench press to incline press.  Did a lot of dead-lifts, lunge-to-curls, squat-to-press.  Found the captain's chair for some core work, since I'm no longer laying on my back for core work either.  Also did core rotations on a cable machine.  I felt good after that workout!

That sounds like a great workout! I'm really missing lifting and am keeping my fingers crossed that I'll be given the okay to start it up again after my u/s next week.

We're having gorgeous weather here this week, 70's and sunny, and I've been loving running outdoors.
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I am running a 5K in two days!  I'm really excited.  I don't really have any time goals ... just want to run the whole thing and finish.

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Originally Posted by kmb9906 View Post

I am running a 5K in two days!  I'm really excited.  I don't really have any time goals ... just want to run the whole thing and finish.

Fun! Good luck with it!smile.gif
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I haven't worked out in what feels like forever redface.gif

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Well, thank you for starting this thread. It really reminds me that I need to be working hard at being in shape. I am trying for my first VBAC and really want to have the stamina to be able to do it. 


I joined the gym yesterday, and will be taking water aerobics three times a week. I did this with my last pregnancy and it helped tremendously!


Thanks for this thread and this group! I am loving the support.



also planning my first HBAC! after taking the stairs in my apartment building and running out of breath when i got to my floor (6 flights), i realized how out of shape i am. i'll never make it through even a short labor at this rate. i've GOT to do something.

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Wow what a motivating thread!  I've let my fitness slide almost completely since returning to work a year ago after mat leave with DD.  Once the first Tri hit though & my iron levels bottomed out that did me in completely.  What I really miss is the feeling of strength & fluidity in my body.  In my first pregnancy there was lots of time for looong daily walks as well as yoga for flexibility & I miss that a lot.  Aside from wanting to increase my stamina to achieve my home birth this time, I want the strength & stamina just for me!

It's no excuse I know!  But I am really struggling with fitting exercise in with a 2yr old & 2hrs of commuting daily before I crash into bed 40 mins after she does.  I'm really hoping that with the 2nd tri starting & heavy iron supplementation that I can get things rolling again.  Any tips here are dearly appreciated!


I currently walk on my lunch hours for a brisk 30-40 mins.  Money is unfortunately too tight for a gym membership or studio yoga classes so the rest will have to be from home.  I've got a great set of free weights though & a dog that needs some extra walks so that will help to offer some motivation.  I'd love suggestions to any favorite cardio, strength, yoga or pilates videos that have worked well for anyone during pregnancy!!


Thanks all - I needed this reminder to take care of myself.  I

i feel your pain! i've also got a 2-hour daily commute (or more depending on traffic) and a toddler at home. i don't walk on my lunch break either :( i really need to start doing that. today's a good day to start! the only other daily walking i do is to and from my bus stop. i do that fairly briskly because i'm usually running late to work or trying not to miss my bus. sometimes i even chase it for a few blocks. but that is probably only 3/4 mile total each day. would also love to hear suggestions for home workouts:) i have a yoga mat, a set of 5lb weights, an exercise ball and a stretch cord. i could probably get a complete workout with just that.


Originally Posted by kmb9906 View Post

I am running a 5K in two days!  I'm really excited.  I don't really have any time goals ... just want to run the whole thing and finish.

good luck! i am SO not a runner and am continuously impressed by those who are!

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Hi ladies.

Reviving the thread.. Im only hitting 3 treadmill sessions.. 2 miles 3x a week right now, 2 bow flex sessions and one yoga.  But Im okay with that.  If I can keep it up through pregnancy Ill be thrilled.  Tryiing to cut myself a little slack :)

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I'll join in. I let fitness go on the back burner during my first trimester as well. I have been trying to get back into the swing of doing my 20 minutes of cardio (Denise Austin's Fit & Firm Pregnancy) daily. I want to look into pregnancy pilates or yoga, but have to get a video for it. No gym membership here. We just can't pay the $50+/month to get a gym with a kids center.

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Still doing my boot camp class and running.  Boot Camp is 3x a week... and getting harder everyday!  lol.gif  However, I'm still rocking it.  While I have made modifications, I am still lifting the same amount of weight I was before.  I'm not trying to increase, but it feels great to have maintained!!  Definitely have not maintained any kind of running conditioning.  I am still running, but I am much slower now.  The cold weather has kept me from running outside, so I only run when I make to the gym on non-boot camp days.  I have started getting on the bike more, but the bike is so BORING to me.  I plan to start water aerobics after the holidays.  Still doing some core work, though none on my back.  I feel like I'm taking good care of my core even though I'm limited as to what I can do.  Generally, I feel really good about what I'm doing exercise-wise.  The exercise has really helped control my weight gain, give me energy, help me sleep, and just make me feel good. 

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I'll check in again too. I'm still running about 5 days a week. I run as long as I can(10-15min) and then walk briskly for a minute or two and keep alternating like that for an hour or so. I won't win any awards for speed, but I love how energized I feel afterwards and hope I can keep it up till the end. I also should start lifting some weights again and maybe add in some yoga but haven't gotten around to it yet.

Can anyone recommend a good prenatal yoga dvd for beginners?
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I am doing Zumba 1-2x week and trying to fit in some yoga but haven't been sucessful and now with holidays/birthdays/colds and today snow it has been difficult but hoping the 20 week mark motivates me to commit.

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You guys rock!!!


I don't know a prenatal DVD unfortunately.


I've been keeping up yoga and swimming though a little less than "ideal" which is probably just that... an ideal.


I did inspire DH to get back into the gym!!


Congrats to all :)

Oh, and, I'm taking the night off.

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Wow.  HUGE Kuddos to all those mommas running & lifting weights in the gym!

I can finally say that my iron is back where it should be & I can't believe the difference.  I finally feel like myself & have been eeking in little mini sessions this week where ever I can & though not much, it's a start & I feel great for it.  I've gone back to walking at night after DD goes to bed (it's been -20c with the windchill here @ night), doing sets squats or lunges randomly through the evening & then trying to make sure to throw in some push ups or crunches.  As I said, it's not much but until the Christmas rush is over I'm happy just to be re-introducing it.


I'll definitely have to check out that Denise Austin dvd as I could use some more focused cardio for sure.  As far as yoga & pilates go, I wonder if you necessarily need a prenatal one specifically?  There are maybe some nice visualisations to learn & a few moves that might need to be modified but I would think that up until your 3rd trimester you might be ok with a regular one.  Huh, I'll have to ask a friend who's an instructor about any specific moves to avoid.  (I know last time I just didn't lay on my back towards the end & used lots of pillows to modify & support myself to make things more relaxing)

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Just dusted off an old tae bo tape in honor of this thread - it's perfect - can do it at home, make the moves a little smaller so I'm not bouncing all over the place, modify a little...  it was fun.  Thanks for the inspiration.

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I just wanted to check in & see how everyone is doing now that Christmas is over.  I don't know about you but I find I'm able to find just a little more time & energy now so my lunchtime walks have resumed & I've taken out a bunch of new videos from my library.


Hopefully I'll give them a try this weekend & will post some reviews.  I've got:

-Prenatal yoga, with Shiva Rea 

-Erin O'Brien's prenatal fitness fix 

-Fitmama prenatal workout 

-Stott Pilates Prenatal workout


I did the yoga video last night & it was very relaxing.  If you are into a gentle Hatha yoga type video then this one really wasn't bad.  It gave some really good stretches for the hips, hamstrings, back & side ribs.  It was about an hour in total & needed very little in terms of extra equipment (kitchen chair, strap, pillow & folded blanket).  I had read some reviews on Amazon that found the voice over annoying but it didn’t really bother me.  What was nice was that they had 3 different models, one for each trimester so they demonstrated all of the different modifications nicely.


I ended up borrowing one of the Stott Pilates videos at the same time but I got the Prenatal Edge one by accident not realising that it required the use of an “Edge” prop to do the video.  I made do with the side of a coffee table but overall was pretty disappointed in the workout.  It was less than 20 mins long with no extras or add ons to make it longer.  I’m hoping the other prenatal one will be a little more intensive as this one really only have 4-5 easy reps of each exercise & barely did more than warm up each major muscle group - (& that was for a relatively novice exerciser like me.)


Sooo..  hopefully I’ll have more info on the other 3 next week!  Keep me posted mammas, have you found any that you’ve really liked?


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Hi ladies, still trudging away on the treadmill 3 days a week.  Bow flex 3 days a week and  Ive been doing these exercises daily



I tried my cardio hula and my hips are just not digging it and my lower back yoga video just doesnt have enough exercises I can still do. (lot are stomach lying)


so I ordered this



Ill let you know.

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I bought the video "Perfect Pregnancy Workout" and really like it for some upper and lower body strength/flexibility training.  It's definitely not a cardio workout so if anyone has a pregnancy workout that also has a cardio element I'd be interested.  I must say that the DVD has really helped (along with chiro adjustments) some serious hip pain I was having.  I am doing it about 2-3 times a week, prenatal yoga once a week and still walking about 2-2.5 miles 7 days a week.  It has been a little tricky walking with snow/ice.  It's pretty easy to fall and I have been lucky the few times I fell to break my fall with my arms or butt ;-)  I have the Prenatal Yoga DVD with Shiva from my last pregnancy so have to go hunt for it in our basement archives.  The 2 weeks of hip pain and the lack of it after some focused exercise makes me want to continue with a regimen.  For me the difficulty is just finding the time with 2 kids, work and the household.

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I also got the perfect pregnancy workout... it came today!  Haven't tried it yet.


I'm feeling great physically - like I can feel creakiness in my hips but no real pain.  I know my bikram practice is saving my butt (literally!)  Heading to the pool today to swim.  I'm recommitting to doing something every day (or maybe 6 out of 7...) as December was kind of droopy in terms of exercise.  My main form of exercise other than the yoga was lifting xmas cookies to my mouth.

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I had been just playing ultimate frisbee once or twice a week, and decided to try and step it up a bit since I did so much more when pregnant with z, which I think helped me w/ the long labor at the end. The mr. doesn't want me biking until its less icy, so I started running this past weekend.

just a little under 4mi both sat and sun, and then some yoga afterwards, it felt great! yesterday I took off (though I did move a lot of furniture) and today I'm either going to run or play frisbee depending on time.

I have been doing xc skiing too when I can (when there is snow!) which has been fun. We went out 3x one week during xmas break, 2x with Z on my back, and then 1x just us where we went much further. We are getting snow again tomorrow, so hopefully will do that again this weekend smile.gif
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I am still doing my boot camp class.  We recently had our workout of the month: 5 rounds of: Frog jumps down and back (the length of the gym) once, 10 squats to press (45lb plate), 10 squat jumps, and then 10 clapper pushups. You had to do all 5 rounds for time. I finished in 19 minutes, 24 seconds - best in the class!  It felt amazing!!


I am still running.  My mileage is way down, but I'm still going at it.  I have a 5K on Feb. 13th.  I'm doing a lot more running on a treadmill due to weather, but I hope to get back outside in a couple weeks.


I recently added water aerobics to my routine, and it has been great!  It's nice to get the pressure off my joints.

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I tried the Stott Pilates 10 Minute Prenatal workout video on Friday & it was actually a really good workout!!  Tonnes & tonnes of squats & lunges (or so it felt to my out of shape quads & hamstrings) so holy hannah did I feel that one yesterday.  It was a 50 min video broken up into 10 min mix & match segments.  I liked that it only req'd a mat, 1-3lb weights & a couple of pillows so it was easy to do with very little equipment at home.  My only critisisms really were that I found it didn't allow enough time/repetition of the stretches so I was often pausing the video to hold my stretches longer & that it had a section of ab work that was all on your back with legs raised.  I had thought that was kind of a no-no at this stage but I guess as long as you had pillows under your shoulders & felt comfortable then it wasn't too worrisome.

Otherwise though it was a great workout & definitely faster & more intense than a lot of pilates videos that I've tried!


Happy workouts mammas, here's hoping spring comes soon so that we can get outside a little more!

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