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my 2yr old is a fighter help

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my 2 yr old is a very sweet boy, but he doesnt like people touching him unless it is big brother, hubs, me or his uncle. unless he comes to you first.

so whenever someone comes to him to touch him or shale his name hand he will acually hit them in the face or were ever close for him to reach, and then tells them leave me alone.

now it is funny to watch this little 2yr old fight off adults, he is zero fear, just doesnt like anyone touching him.

we have told him you cant just hit people for saying HI to you, and that he need to be nice, and he will say ok momma, when a friend of hubs went to him to say HI, my son looked at him and goes i dont like you and walks away, now this is better then him hitting the guy.

but how do i make him understand you cant be rude to people just cause you dont like them, and it is nice to just say HI and then that is it.

he plays very nice with kids, he doesnt fight kids, unless they hit him first then he goes crazy on them, and i acually had to pull him off this boy who was 6 yrs old, he hit my 2 yr old and well he jumped on him and was hitting the crap of that little boy and i had to pull him off, poor little 6yr old was crying and i go well this is why we dont hit kids.

i pulled my son aside and told him honey next time someone hits you can you please come tell momma and i will handle it for you, and he goes ok.  but i cant really be mad at him for beating up the 6yr old since he did hit my son first.

my 4yr old is not a fighter, cant fight back for himself at all, so cause of that when we go to play area's i always watch my kids, and get up often to make sure no one is hitting my boys and that my 2 yr old is not beating up on some older kid.

how else can i handle my little fighter? and teach him to not hit adults for no reason 

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I noticed this hasn't had any responses.  I don't actually have any ideas...  


But, I wanted to mention that your post sounds as if you are slightly impressed that he fights.  I think maybe he might be getting a mixed message from you.  You are saying "No.. we don't hit".. but, your face, voice and body might be saying "ATTABOY!"  Even at two, kids are brilliant, and know this.


I have a daycare girl who cussed like a sailor at 18 months... and I'll fully admit.  I thought it was funny and cute.  So, I'd say "LILY!"  I'd use my angry eyes... but, she knew darn well that I thought it was funny.  (you would have too, it really was hilarious) But, at age three, it stopped being cute and funny.   I wish I'd taken a more proactive stance against it.  


I wish I had some great advice.  Something I could say "This worked for me".... but, I got nuthin today.  

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Try to teach him to use his words to tell people to stop. It's ok if he even shouts "Stop" or "Give me my space".  It sound like your DS is very uncomfortable with having his space invaded. That's ok and needs to be respected. Maybe if you could protect him from being touched by  telling people he doesn't like being touched or people getting to close, he could learn he doesn't have to be violent to protect himself.  A simple "give him his space, he doesn't like being touched". I've known people who just protected their shy child from people approaching.

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yeah i am trying to teach him to use his words more, but man seeing a 2 yr old try to beat up a 30 yr old man for touching him is pretty funny.


but i do tell people all the time, he needs his space please dont touch him, and they usually look at me weird like he is 2yrs old how does he need his space.


thanks for the advice i will be using it with him and keeping him to stop the fighting.

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