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anyone else still have m/s

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i am now 13 weeks and still suffering from m/s, i am just really tired of throwing up, and it seems like it will be just like my boys and never go away.


but this pregnancy it is worse, i cant keep anything down, the throught of food makes me ill, i always have horrible headaches to the point they make me vomit, the pain i am in.


i really use to think pregnancy was enjoyable (with my boys i just throw up once everyday for 9 months not that bad) this pregnancy is the worse, i am starting to regret even getting pregnant, i just really wish it was may and i could have my c section and be done.



man i feel like a horrible person saying i hate being pregnant this time around.

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:hug  Don't beat yourself up, of course you are feeling negative after weeks on end of being ill.  :(  I hope it passes soon, so you can start feeling upbeat again.  Rest well :hug

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I still have it, though I don't throw up all that often (once a week at most) I only do if I don't eat in time, or eat too much, or floss when I'm queasy :)


I had m/s last time until about 20 weeks, so I am figuring this will be similar this time around. it sucks, it really takes the joy out of eating for me, I have to be careful with what I choose and how much and everything.

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I'm in my 15th week and still have a bit of lingering morning sickness. I am hoping it'll go away soon. This is the longest I believe I've ever had it.

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I'm only 12 weeks but yes, I am still suffering and I mean suffering from it.


I think it lasted until about 15 weeks with my last baby but that was throwing up every so often. This time I'm throwing up almost every day still and when I  am not throwing up I am still feeling like crap.

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Oh yeah. Very bad, all day, often through the night as well.


Still taking 9-12 Diclectin per day, plus 4+ Gravol for breakthrough and have a supply of Zofran on the side if I need it.

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I am still having it too.  All day queasiness.  I cannot open my fridge without gagging and getting close to throwing up.  Everyone else swears it's fine but it smells horrible to me.


I'll be 13 weeks tomorrow and for me it typically lasts 14-16 weeks; I hope it eases soon.  I'm so tired of not being able to prepare good meals for my family.

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My m/s only tapered off about a 2 weeks ago and I am just about 16 weeks.   I had the constant severe throwing up and ended up just taking Zofran.  It was only effective in the morning and the rest of the day was just constant stomach pain.  What I get now is on and off overwhelming nausea.  It just sort of hits me, but I don't bother taking any meds.  The one thing I can't seem to get rid of is the motion sickness.  I walk my dogs about 2 miles in the morning and unless I wear the sea bands I am horribly nauseous by the end of the walk.


If you are feeling that miserable could your midwife/OB prescribe Zofran for you?  I was on the generic form which isn't that expensive compared to the non-generic.  It isn't the total solution but it did help take the edge off so I could eat/drink and have a little mental sanity.

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glad to know i am not the only way still sick.


my obgyn gave me to different kinds of meds to help me with the m/s but my insurance doesnt cover Zofran  and it was 200$ and i was like umm no i will suffer, and the one my insurance does cover it doesnt help at all.


i was on the plus side anyways but with this pregnancy i lost 20 lbs so far cause i am always throwing up, getting bad headaches and then puking again. it is like a never ending battle.


on the plus side i started feeling little baby flutters tonight, that was excited couldnt belive i can acually feel them this early. makes me start to get excited for the pregnancy instead of feeling like it was a huge mistake.

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Not feeling well here.

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I will be 17 wks on Saturday, and I still occasionally throw up.  At least its not every day anymore.  I'm hoping it will be over soon.. but every time its been a few days, if I start to believe its over.. I puke again.  :|  

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Oh one thing I found that helps with the nausea {which for me means impending hurling} is pineapple juice.  I just craved it randomly, then looked it up.. apparently it s common cure for nausea, and even recommended to cancer patients.  Who knew?

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last night i was really sick, and then peeled 2 lemons and added some salt and omg they were soo good, and acually kept me from throwing up.


so today i will be going to the store to buy more lemons, days like this i wish i had a lemon tree.

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