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Today I came home and just had ENOUGH

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I don't mind my job nor the work I do, but it's not something I want to do forever. Right now, we have some debt, around $25,000 to go...we have already paid down $35,000..yes, I know..but we are trying. I am really focused on debt reduction but more so, just more time with the family and doing simple things. I so enjoyed taking my son to the park the other day and I brought my camera. We took a nature walk and took pics of the things he found (Good idea, since this means no clutter to bring home...always thinking. : )  )  We sat around, eating dinner on the floor picnic style, with all the animals on there too luxlove.gif and it was just so much fun and relaxing. I kept thinking how much more I would enjoy this without that worry of debt.


I have never been one to keep up with anyone else's lifestyle. Just my own hapiness. But this debt is bugging the poo out of me lately. I get like this around the Holidays because of the relentless in your face buy buy buy buy that is already going on...I avoid all stores except groceries and the occasional need of shampoo or soap or something such as that. I am really really really serious about selling off everything we don't use...and I came up with quite a list of things to get rid of. I will post what I would keep, if anyone is interested.


When something like this nags at me, I know I need to do something. Hubby is not quite as passionate as me, and that's ok. Really, this is for both of us. This really is just a vent that I just had enough today. Ever have one of those days???

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yes, i want to read your list! 


what an amazing accomplishment - you've paid down a huge chunk of debt.  you should be really proud.  and hey, it's proof to you that you *will* get there.


what had you had enough of today - work, the pressure to buy, the debt looming over you?  :hug  that's what i felt like friday - i am DONE! and i didnt' even really know why, lol, it was just where i was at.  i hope you have a good night at home!

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Just the constant worry over money...I know once we are out of debt, we won't go back...EVER!!! We haven't used our CC's in 3 years, except 1x a year to keep us in good grace. We buy something for $35 and immediately pay it off.  I think, gosh the XXX amount I pay in debt each month just kills me...I don't expect to die rich nor is money everything but it would be nice to stop paying out to someone else, ya know???? The looming debt is frustrating me. It's sometimes hard to get hubby on board but I know, if we sacrificed, even for just 1 year, we could be SO much further ahead. So that is a little bit of the frustration...he gets to stuck in his way sometimes and I know I tend to be the more pro-active, passionate one. : ) I will get my list together. Give me a few. :  )

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We've gotten to a point not to worry about money.  You can only do so much, we've been short for years and years and years.  Things are just now getting better (got a fabulous job).  Make a plan, have a goal, and work towards it increment by increment, and then let it go.  That's all you can do!

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