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small feet and snow boots

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dd has the tiniest feet...she's still in infant size 2 and miiiiight get into 3's by the end of winter. it's hard enough finding soled shoes in her size but i have yet to find a pair of snow boots. they all seem to start at size 5. poor kid......do petite babes not get to play in the snow?!?

closest i've gotten is suede boots at walmart but suede in the freezing snow????? and would i be too picky to not want to drop $50?

does anyone have any leads for warm boots for tiny toes?

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I found some that looked decent in size 4 at our Baby's R Us, but I didn't look to see if they had any in any smaller sizes since DD is a 3 1/2 now so I get her size 4 shoes.

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The Children's Place sells winter boots in size 3.  I saw them in the store last winter.

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I know you said you didn't want to spend too much money, but if your baby's going to be romping in the snow, you want to make sure you get her good boots that will keep her feet dry. These Stonz booties look great, and come in sizes from newborn upward! You might be able to find a lower price, if you search around a bit.

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Last year we ended up doing regular shoes with snow booties over them. You know, the waterproof ones that attach to a snowsuit, if you can find a snowsuit where they're not already attached? Don't know if I'm making sense. But he wasn't too into walking around in the snow, he was only out there for short periods of time. This year his feet are a bit bigger finally (just barely into a size 5) so we were able to find regular snow boots at a thrift store. It drives me nuts that they don't make soled shoes, boots, etc. for small kids.

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I think Target has them in size 4. That might work with thick socks.
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Originally Posted by Mama Khi View Post

I think Target has them in size 4. That might work with thick socks.

I know our Target doesn't, but it might vary based on location.  Our Target's snow boots started at size 5 though.

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We did Stonz last year when DD was just over 1 (october bday). They were fine because she really didn't play in the snow for long periods of time. This year, however we are moving to 'real' boots (sorels) because she will be outside more. They come in a size 4 and they are fairly small fitting, IMO

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I bought http://www.jackandlily.com/c378102668p17575302.2.html at Costco for $18.  I actually bought 2 pairs because they're so great!  My DD is in a size 3 (12-18mo), but they come in 6-12mo size as well.  They soft soled, well made, cute and affordable!

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they have jack and lily at costco?!?! crap.....i gotta go!

thanks for the suggestions everybody...i think something will work!

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Just another plug for Stonz booties. They are awesome. We had a pair for DS2 last year not because his feet were small but because they were so fat! We would have needed to size up 2-3 sizes to get boots that would fit his fat feet and then he wouldn't have been able to walk. They wear beautifully... DS wore his all winter and walked everywhere in them and they still look brand new.

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We got a pai of the mole hill sno moc, just like the stonz but for $24 on ebay or altrec

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IDK, but I got DS1 a pair of kamiks last year that I think he'll still fit into this year... and I ended up picking a pair of 6's up at khols for $5 last spring, which I *THINK* (fingers crossed!) will fit ds2 this winter :)

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