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Court is happening this week and again next week and my ex called in an emergency hearing for something that is so not an emergency for Friday (3 hearings in one week!!). It is the holidays and my ex is demanding both holidays with the kids, the whole entire break they have of a school. So my lawyer and I are fighting hard...what do you see happening within the courts over the next few months? Thanks :)

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we had court this morning and the typical crazy judge wasn't there so we thought we got lucky. However that judge didn't have time to hear our case and we got rescheduled for Monday, when the crazy judge is back. The court clerk for some reason was telling my lawyer that I will be forced to go to this hearing in Dec even though my lawyer can prove this isn't necessary. This is nuts! I hope you can see something good!

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The energy has shifted from what we have talked about before. I now believe you will have to find a way to go down there. The judge doesn't like you and is making it difficult because he sees you as the unstable one. You know why, we have talked about this before. Unfortunately the judge also doesn't have the info he really needs about your ex. I want you to find a way to communicate with his ex to get her to tell somebody ON the record what she has said off the record. This is starting to feel like the only way. Do some energy work towards befriending her and being on each others side.

But remember, you have strong manifestation powers my dear. What are you creating and why? Keep that in mind.

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