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I forgot to mention that it is perfectly normal for bf babies to go days, or even a week, between poops at this age. That is not a sign that anything is wrong. However, if your dd does this, expect that next poop to be a huge explosion!

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I hope things are going well now!  If not, I recommend this tea: http://www.westernbotanicals.com/cfpages/prod_detail.cfm?RECNO=hflact01&english=1&type=4  I had the green/frothy poop with both my dd's and this tea stopped the problem cold both times (within 24 hours their poops turned mustardy yellow).  With my older dd, I tried block feeding for a while and it didn't really help AND it made my supply decrease, which was not good.  Extra fussy baby.  Then I started the tea and all got better immediately.  With my second dd, I just started the tea right away as soon as her poop started turning the least bit green (about 1.5 weeks old).  It cleared up right away, and even though I'd been getting really full breasts even without the tea, it didn't make things too "oversupply-ish."  So yeah, hope that helps!  I think the blessed thistle herb helps my body make fattier milk. 


Also, I'd recommend eating lots of fatty foods (like eggs--you said you were craving them, so go for it!) to increase your fat content and oatmeal to increase supply in general.


I agree with the pp's that stopping co-sleeping sounds ridiculous, and I don't think you need formula either.  Good luck!

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THANK YOU ALL SO VERY VERY MUCH! i took in all of your advice and.....


......10oz gain in five days :D


without a drop of formula or giving up my lovely cosleeping


i think what really helped was making sure she had totally totally finished breast A and started to nod off before waking her up and offering breast B, i didnt think she'd take breast B because she looked so full up, but turns out she'll feed vigourously for a further 15 minutes on a fresh boobie after draining the first one hehe


also EGGS oh my! great big plates of scrambled eggs, from my neighbours garden hens, with a load of spinach and salt n pepper.... hit the spot!


been eating 9bars (seed bar thingies) and oatmeal for breakfast, plus drinking tonnes.


been expressing with electric pump too, got a freezer full of 4oz bags (i get 4oz from each boob twice a day) which i used to supplement her via syringe dream-feeding.  thanks for the support guys, im glad i didnt listen to nurse and give formula *proud*

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Yay! That's great news! My baby isn't gaining weight with super speed, either (although she seems totally content with that). We have a ped appointment Friday and I'm not sure if he'll be concerned about it, but if so, I'll definitely be trying some of this advice before supplementing.

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YaaayyY!  Thanks for the update!  Good for you for sticking to your guns and not giving up the cosleeping or breastfeeding.  Hooray :)

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thanks ladies :D

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