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Sam has arrived...

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Born Nov. 17 at 39 weeks 2 days. 6lb 12.5oz, 19.25 inches. I am so in love with him, and I'm falling in love all over again with my husband as I watch him become a father.


Once active labor hit it was fast and furious... went from 3.5cm to born in less than 3 hours. I was running on no sleep after a couple nights of preliminary contractions. It was so scary and so much more overwhelming than I possibly could have imagined, and I couldn't stay ahead of it at all with HypnoBabies. Lots of tearing and lots of stitches. I'm grateful for the birth center, because if I'd had the option I'd have begged for an epidural. I just wanted to get off the train!

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Congrats!  :)

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Congratulations! I know what you meaning about wanting to get off...it can be super intense and scary. But you did it!

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Congratulations Mama! Welcome baby Sam! partytime.gif

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You did it, mama!  Now you get to sit back and enjoy your beautiful baby.  Congratulations!

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joy.gif Congrats!
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Congratulations!  You weren't alone in wanting off the train...I kept asking to go home and my husband had to keep reminding me we were home! 

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lol @ Stitches


CONGRATS! Welcome to little baby Sam love.gif Don't forget to come back and bombard us with pictures!! :D

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