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What are your opinions on Trader Joes mixes?


I only know of one G-free, nut-free, corn-free mix and it's the brownie mix.  I'm bringing it with me for the day after thanksgiving when there are all of the sweets around and DD will want something yummy...


However, thinking about rolls/bread--anyone know of a good G-free, nut-free, corn-free, yeast-free dinner roll recipe or mix?  I don't have all of the raw materials" for baking "safe" yet (i.e., how to make the bread rise w/out yeast so we just eat quick breads)....


Great recipe ideas everyone!

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I haven't used any TJ's mixes, but have been very happy with 123GlutenFree and some Namaste mixes.

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Another pumpkin pie option that I've done when we were off of eggs was to use gelatin instead. You precook the crust, then let it set in the fridge rather than baking. The texture was actually pretty good, too!
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As I was making my coffee this morning, I had an odd epiphany type moment..... though, I then kind of questioned it.


Pumpkin pie...... liquid substitute..... what about Coffeemate?


I mean, I use it for my coffee.  It does have sodium caseinate (less than 2%), and soybean/cottenseed oil..... but..... 


.... even though there is something about it that seems wrong....


could that be used?  Has anyone ever cooked with coffeemate?

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I'm sure Coffemate would work, if you are ok with the ingredients (I'm thinking soy and corn?).


I decided I'm going to make some cashew milk!!  I have tons of raw cashews and a Vitamix...why didn't I think of that before?  I'm going to try to use that in a pumpkin pie and see how it goes!  I guess I better go make a lot of crust in case the experiments don't stand up to taste testing lol.

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I decided to try coconut milk.  It just seemed to wrong for some reason to cook a pumpkin pie with coffeemate.  I don't know why I'd have that hang up.  Maybe the idea of a kind of fake corn syrup product replacing milk?  


But, yeah... I'm not too comfortable with soybean oil stuff either.  


I've never used coconut milk though.  Hopefully it'll work with cornstarch.

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Thanks to this thread and the Gluten-Free Goddess we had a great Safe pumpkin pie this year and some good side dishes.


The fam got together and my kids happily ate their food and even asked for seconds.  I made the pie above, with a drop of H&D "five" ice cream.  They also had beef and veggies, brown rice "stuffing" with mushrooms, leeks, sweet potato & cranberries, then mashed potatoes, and finally steamed pear & parsnips with queso ranchero. :)


I didn't use a recipe for the sides but received alot of ideas from you all and want to say "thanks" for helping make DD's first ED Thanksgiving a good one!

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Thanks for bumping! I wanted to report back that the cauliflower hazelnut mushroom stuffing was fantastic, especially paired with this raw cranberry orange relish someone else brought.  I think it was basically cranberries, oranges and sugar in the food processor.  yum!

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I'll up date, too. I used 2 T. finely ground (in the blender) white chia seeds as the egg replacer in my pumpkin pie - I DID NOT add water or anything though, like flax goop, just added them right in. It worked great and was definitely thicker and smoother than with flax. Next time I think I will use 1 T. more.

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