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Playdates are really disruptive for DH. We do keep them to a minimum and always small. I think it's a reasonable tradeoff for the perks if a WAH spouse.
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We've had this arrangement for ten-plus years and it's worked wonderfully for us.  Our kids have had two full-time at-home parents for their entire lives and it's been invaluable.  Unfortunately, my husband (also a programmer) got laid off last fall and it seems that nobody wants to hire remote workers these days, so he's going to have to start working outside the home within the next several weeks.  It's going to be an enormous adjustment for all of us.

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SO glad to find this thread!  My husband is self employed and runs his business from our rural home and has for the last 17 years.  After 10 + years of commuting and living between 2 places (me in the city with more typical job and benefits),  I left my paycheck job to be home full time 10 months ago.  It's been quite a transition...  Mostly good, for sure, but much harder than I would've guessed to get into a rhythm.  These last months have been the first time since I turned 14 that I have not worked and earned a paycheck of my own, and I really struggle with this aspect of things. Financially our current situation makes much more sense and is SO much better for our family in general, but I have a mental block about it.


My husband is my best friend and our lives are very much centered on our family (1st) and his business (2nd).  I wouldn't change anything, however I think there is some room for 'fine tuning'.  Our town is very small, and while I am friendly with many, I really don't have a good friend that can relate to the daily grind of motherhood/wife life.  I agree w/other posters about it being difficult to have others over (other kids/friends), as my husband's business is centered in our home.  To complicate matters, the social hub here is def. the school community, both for parents and kids.  My husband and I have been fairly proactive about some school concerns and are considering homeschooling for our  younger children.  I often feel that our choices about school are viewed as a condemnation of other families' choices, rather than just finding the best situation for us. 


I realize I need to start cultivating some time for myself . I have many interests/pent up creativity but am at a loss about how to carve out time to pursue anything. Our budget doesn't allow for much and time to myself is almost non-existent (couple time is also EXTREMELY limited at  this season of life---sigh).  We have no family in the area to help out with childcare.  I can't figure out how to connect to other like-minded moms in real life.  For example, I'd love to get back into yoga--BUT can't afford to pay for classes, and can't imagine how I'd seriously practice it at home with ZERO space to myself.  


I think part of my funk is that it has been a long and rather isolated winter.  I guess I needed to whine/vent, but really am looking for positive suggestions to connect with others.  Thanks!

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