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Twins and EC

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I'm totally interested in EC, but didn't find out about it until recently, so I couldn't do it from the start with my boys. But I'm concerned about how much work it will be with twins.... With one I could probably learn the signs and work on it, but with two?? I don't know if I'm up for it. Any other moms of multiples do EC?

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I think I'm pregnant with twins.  Wondering the same thing over here!

Is it possible?!  :)

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I tried it for a few days somewhere around the year mark. Seems like there is a family here on the ec forum or on the ec yahoo group who had success with twins. Perhaps I would have had a different outlook if I had tried it since birth but I found it to be too much work. I am a sahm, and it took everything I had to keep them entertained and nursed, everyone fed, house semi clean, and give myself a few minutes to myself everyday. Ultimately, I decided there were other areas I needed to focus on. Should I ever have a singleton, I would def ec.
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I was given 2 potties from a co-worker while I was pregnant, and I kind of thought she was nuts.  I mean, try to EC 2 babies at once?!  But I decided that I'd try it and if it were easy, I'd keep going with it.  At 5 months of age, I started putting my twins on the potty as part of the diaper changing routine.  The first time they sat on the potty, they peed.  It was so.so.easy.  Put baby on potty, make peeing or pooing noise, baby goes.  Continue with daily routine.  That's as far as we ever took EC, but my kids rarely pooed in diapers from age 6-7 months up, aside from a major regression when they were learning to walk.  Then, of course, the transition to undies was stress-free, since they'd been using the potty all along.  


So I say if you are on the fence about it, just try it!  Do as much or as little as you are comfy with.  Even if you put the baby on the potty 2 or 3 times a day, it will probably serve to help keep them from becoming fully trained into diapers, which makes potty training easier IMO. 

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