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We have a bench that has three cubbies in it.  There is a similar one sold by Pottery Barn but we had ours made (because we couldn't afford the Pottery Barn one).  I did splurge and buy the Pottery Barn baskets to go in each cubby.  We currently have three throw pillows on top of the bench but I would really like to have a bench cushion for it.  We pretty much keep all of the seasonally appropriate kids shoes and some of my and dh's shoes in it.  I try to clean the baskets out every few weeks and transfer extra shoes to the appropriate closets. 


In the winter, we use one of the baskets for gloves, hats, scarves etc. 


It's worked out great. 

a quick inexpensive bench cushions is really quick.  You can go to the fabric store and by the foam/cushion, and some nice fabric.  If you sew, google some tutorials , otherwise you can just tailor wrap and secure it with a couple safety pins underneath.  I have one like this, and i DO sew, it just functions well and I haven't had the time!