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Breastmilk for non-nursing children

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So I have a 4 week old and am once again a nursing mama. It is so amazing to me to see him growing so well and so healthy...I have a 6 yo DS and 4 yo DD who nusred for a couple years each and wonder why I dont give them a bit of mama milk now that we have a supply! Does anyone else do this and if so, how do you serve it?



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I probably would/will, especially if DD gets sick once I have a milk supply. I'd probably just give it to her in a cup, she drank EBM cold from a sippy when I went back to school when she was 10mo. and liked it fine then.


Of course, they might not like it now. But it's worth a try.

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Congrats on the new babe.

I'd totally give ODC mama milk. Depending on how you feel about it, you could consider letting them try nursing.

Otherwise, I'd probably mix it in things- oatmeal, cereal, pudding just so they don't even notice the difference in taste btw it and whatever other kind of milk they are used to.


One thing to be aware of, tho, you didn't mention how you were going to get the milk for ODC if not nurse (pump, I assume? Unless you are one of the luck pp faucets like me :lol) Before you break out the pump for milk for your olders, I'd wait at least a few weeks for your supply for your newbie to be well established.

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Hi mama,

I agree with pp that you should let your supply regualte itself before you pump too much, but I think it's a great idea if you are all comfortable with it.  I have a nursing 15 month old and a 4 year old (who weaned at 2 years of age).  Last week my 4 year old got the rotavirus BAD and I pumped a few ounces of BM for her for the first few days of intense vomiting.  It was the ONLY thing she could keep down.  She cried for more each time I gave her a small cup to drink of it.

Unfortunately, a few ounces here and there wasn't enough to keep her hydrated and she ended up being hospitalized for dehydration.  Once she was eating and drinking well in the hospital, I snuck in a bit of EBM for her each day.  She loved it, and the nurses kept commenting on how rapidly she was recovering.  She is now home and getting better, and getting some EBM each day (a few ounces here and there).  I'm hoping it helps to heal her gut faster than otherwise, and that it's easy for her to digest and get nutrients out of it.

Guess I'm getting around to... I pumped it, and then dumped it into her favorite cup for her at home.  I put it in a waterbottle for the trips to the hospital. 


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