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Hormone Overload

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Today I am 5 weeks in and had a crazy moment already. I totally went off on my partner for the smallest thing and while it was going on it was like someone else was saying those things and acting that way. It was pretty bad last time as well. I'm like Jekle and Hyde, you never know who your going to get....lol


Is anyone else getting a little crazy?

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My boss was being really mean today, which is kind of standard really, but I just burst into tears.  He looked really shocked.  I got sent home early, which I am ok with because I was a ball o snot rags at that point.  I am looking for a new job; I can't handle their hostility, nor can I afford to get sent home every time they make me cry.

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Sorry you had such a bad day.  I hope you find a new job/boss who will treat you better. Isn't it amazing how sensitive we become to things, all things.

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