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Very late BFP?

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Hi Ladies!


This will be my first "official" post in this forum.  I have lurked  bit, and I think posted in one thread a few weeks ago.


I am on day 35 of my cycle, and have been getting BFNs until this morning.  I finally got a BFP (which I was expecting, because I'm never late and we were actively TTC)!


The BFNs all came off of a dollar store test, so I think I have lost faith in those!  Today's positive test was a Clear Blue.



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Congrats on finally getting your BFP!  I had a friend who didn't get a BFP until 17 dpo, it was crazy.

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was todays test dark?


I only ask because clearblue has been known to give convincing false positives...and I tend to believe dollar store tests over them :/

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I am also a fan of dollar store verses clear blue. Clear blue has a bad record for false positives.

Do you know when you o'd? It sounds like you just o'd late in your cycle and are waiting for the hcg to show (or not).

This time I got a bfp at 11dpo on a dollar store test and I can't typically test early at all.

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I know a ton of people in the USA who swear by Dollar Store tests. but from what I can tell, the ones that say, Dollarama carries in Canada, are not nearly as good.


Today is the first day that I got a really clear positive on my Dollarama tests. I'm 17dpo. I got a positive on a CBE Digital at 14dpo. My 12dpo Dollarama test was inconclusive, and my 14 dpo Dollarama test was a very, very faint BFP.


Sundance_11: Maybe try a FRER?

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My dollar store tests were from Dollarama, in Canada.  I did some googling, and didn't find wonderful reviews.


The Clear Blue was dark, and I'm pretty sure it is a *real* positive, because like I said earlier, I was hoping/expecting it...and I've NEVER been this late for AF in all my life.


I had 7 tests from the dollar store, and have been using them every second day from about 9 dpo on, and they're all the same--blatantly negative.

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Sundance_11: Go get a FRER! Or a CBE Digital :) I am not a fan of the Dollarama ones at all - I would not trust those results. I'm not sure I would trust the regular CB either, so I would get a "tie breaker" test :)

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I never get a BFP until 13 DPO and this is pregnancy number 6!

Good luck with your pg!

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