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Squeezing in!

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Hi Ladies!


I just got my BFP this morning, I'm so excited!


This was our first month TTC, and I feel so blessed and lucky that it was pretty easy.  My edd is 7.30.  DS was born at 42w1d, so there's a decent chance this will be an Aug baby, we'll see!


Can't wait to get to know everyone!

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Hi copper.kettle! So glad to see you here!! Welcome and CONGRATS!!!

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Congrats Copper!joy.gif

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Congratulations! I hope that the second one will not stay in there for 42 weeks jaw.gif

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Yay!! So happy you've joined us copper.kettle! Congratulations again smile.gif

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jumpers.gif  yay copper!!!  Congrats!! 

We were in the same boat as you.  It was our first month of really more NTNP than TTC.  I thought for SURE it'd take longer this time (first time last baby too) since I'm still breastfeeding.  DH was pretty surprised and I think I'm still a little in shock even though I retested yesterday and the test line was as dark as the control line!  I was only 1 day over with DS so I'm actually hoping for a 7/26 baby to share bday with papa. 

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