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The First Time Moms-To-Be Thread - November 2010

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I thought I'd start a thread for those of us who have never given birth to a child before. While I believe that every single pregnancy is a miracle, I do think it's a bit different when it's the very first time for you... kwim?


This is a place for talking about the new experiences we're having during our pregnancy. To share all the goods and bads of the next 9 months and beyond!


The First Time Moms-To-Be Club

Joanna in PA: EDD 7/1/2011

ebegreen: EDD 7/5/2011

SaraJaneM: EDD 7/5/2011

Mama Metis: EDD 7/6/2011

Tank: EDD 7/12/2011

boater: EDD 7/19/2011

Maiiven: EDD 7/26/2011

LivingSky: EDD 7/26/2011

HawaiinBlesing: EDD 7/28/2011

opus: EDD 7/28/2011

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I'd love to hear a bit about all you other ladies who've never had a baby before!


My name is Allison. I'm 30 years old, married to DH (34) in May of 2010. For most of my life, I didn't want kids. Nothing against kids, I just didn't hink they were for me. I changed my mind when I finally met a man I actually wanted to have and raise children with! So for me, it's not about wanting to have kids - it's about wanting to have HIS kids :) This is the first pregnancy for either of us.


We live on a farm in Saskatchewan. I breed horses and dogs, and we raise chickens, as well as both have off-the-farm jobs. So things are pretty hectic. My job is a casual position though. So our plan is for me to take the maternity leave portion of the leave (18 weeks I think in my province) and for DH to take the parental leave portion - 37 weeks. After 18 weeks I will go back to working 1 or 2 days a week, and DH will be home. I want him to have as much closeness with our baby as I do. And my job is quite close to home, so if I'm away for a part of the day one or two days a week, at least it's not all day long like DH's job!

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Hi Allison.


I was going to hold off jumping into this thread until I figure out what is up with my wacko uterus.  But your thread looked lonely, so I thought I'd say hi. 


This would be my first.  My name is Brittany.  I'm 27, married to DH for 2 years, together for 5, and we live in Georgia.  At the moment I am working for probably the most hostile supervisor I have ever had, and applying for other jobs every day when I get home.  DH is working for artistic theatres in the area, overhire-ing on various set builds until his PT job starts in December.


I totally want chickens someday.  chicken3.gif

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Hi Allison,


My name is Becky & our due dates are very close together.  I'm 35 yo and a 1st time mom to be.  I married my DH 20 months ago and we live in Nevada. 


I see that you have corgis--me too.  I also breed them but only 2 at the moment.  I lost my little girl (corgi) at the age of 8 to a very aggressive cancer. 


I work as a pet groomer so I can't really complain about my job.  I love that fact that I work with animals all day and can bring the dogs to work with me.  My husband is a firefighter here in town so he has a lot of flexibility with his schedule. 

As of right now I am planning to take 12+ weeks off after the delivery.

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Brittee: Thanks for taking pity on my thread! I thought it looked pretty lonely down there too but I couldn't decide if I was desperate enough to bump it up myself! LOL


I posted this to you in another thread Brittee, but I'll ask again here :) What kind of HPT have you been using? I had a super frustrating cycle in Sept-Oct. I knew precisely when I ovulated and I always, always always have a 13 day LP. Well, at 13dpo I stated spotting and I spotted for 4 days! AF didn't start full force until 17 days after ovulation. It was really frustrating, especially because my HPTs were coming up negative.


I believe what happened is I had an early miscarriage. The bean tried to stick but couldn't hold on. None of the HPTs I used were very good ones and I think they weren't sensitive enough to pick up the HCG.


They say you're much more fertile the month after a m/c - well, here I am with a positive test and a (so-far) sticky bean! No spotting at all *knock on wood*.


Of course, I had every symptom in the book for the Sept-Oct cycle. This cycle with my BFP I had almost no symptoms at all! LOL


Anyways, my point is that it's pretty crazy how wierd our bodies can be during TTC. Try a really good brand of test (FrER or a CBE Digital maybe?) and I'll be waiting to hear how your blood test goes!


LovingSky: I love that our screen names are so similar but for totally different reasons! And we both have corgis too, that's awesome. I ADORE my corgis. I have 4 girls and 2 boys - my older boy is being retired next year so I'm going to fix him and find him an awesome pet home. I've also got an almost 9 week old puppy whose buyers backed out at the last minute, so now I'm scrambling to find her a home! I have a huge waiting list for sables but she's a tricolor. I'm desperately trying not to fall in love with her - I don't need to keep another dog! :)


So sorry about your lost corgi :( It's awful when we lose them, especially so young. I used to have Great Danes (not for breeding, just pets) and I lost both of my girls less than 6 months apart. They were 6 and 4 years old. It broke my heart. I haven't been able to have a Dane since - I don't want to deal with their health issues again for a while. I also lost my equine soulmate this year, my old girl, to arthritis, at age 22. I have her daughter, but it's not the same.


I hate losing pets :(


Anyway... on a happier note! To both of you: How have your pregnancies been going? How did you and your DH react to the pregnancy?


DH and I really wanted and have been trying for this, but we were both completely floored when we actually got the BFP. .Having a baby went from being something we really wanted and could picture in our future, to a concrete reality. Like - Wowzer, this is actually going to happen. We were thrilled, but also a bit in shock, kwim?


I've hd some symptoms, but not really anything serious so far. One bout of nausea in the middle of the night. Backaches, slightly tender breasts. Some period cramping (more like muscles pulling/stretching). That's really about it.

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Good morning LivingSky,


When I saw your user name in the DDC I thought Uh Oh....this might get tricky but seeing you can't change it.....


My DH and I don't really know what to make of the news yet.  We are both very excited but super cautious due to the circumstances surrounding the conception.  My husband and I were in Maui having our last hurrah before starting a family.  We decided that we would TTC on the trip being on a tropical island and all.  The day before/of ovulation we got into a water accident.  I was knocked off a 10' wall by a wave and landed on lava rock then was swept across it by the next wave.  I broke 3 ribs, broke my tailbone and has some pretty substantial scrapes and bruising.  All in all we were very blessed to receive such minor injuries.  With a fall from that height I'm fortunate by the grace of our Lord not to have had a head injury, internal injury or any major broken bones.


I looked more pregnant after my injury than I do now....my abdomen was so swollen that I looked 3-4 months pregnant. 


To get to the point I was on Rx narcotics and Xanex for 3 days surrounding conception.  I tried to limit them as much as possible but couldn't sleep the first 3 days without them due to the pain.  So we are trying to remain reserved until we see the OB or midwife to confirm a heartbeat.  I had a hard time deciding if I would tell him right away because he sometimes has a hard time containing such good news but it appeared I did too.  smile.gif  So I told him the night I found out after I went to work.


If the pregnancy holds, we are concerned about my ribs healing before all the expansion takes place.  If not that could make for a painful pregnancy & difficult delivery.  My tailbone depending on how it's broken can inhibit a vaginal birth as well.  We are praying about it and the Lord will guide us as he see's fit. 


We went in for repeat x-rays when we got back but thankfully the tech refused to do them without a pregnancy test.  My period was due 3-6 days later so we decided to wait.  I POAS two days before my expected early date and got a BFN.  5 days later and 3 days later than my longest cycle I got a BFP.  I went in for b/w on Friday but have to wait anxiously till Monday. 


I too am not feeling many symptoms which was so confusing to me.  I didn't have any period symptoms this cycle but then didn't have any of the typical early pregnancy symptoms.


I've had a little cramping but that is pretty much it.  It was kind of funny....my husband the other day said to me "you still look pregnant" before we knew. 


Trying to decide when to tell the family.  We are having everyone over for Christmas and even though it's a little early....we may tell them then.


I'm trying to figure out this whole lunar calender thing.  When I looked it up on line it said I was 5 weeks 4 days does that seem right?  LMP 10/21/  Ovulated 11/3-11/4

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LovingSky: We'll sort it out :) We'll just have to rib people who mistake you for me and me for you!


That accident sounds terrifying! I hope everything goes smoothly for you despite it. On the bright side, you'll have quite the conception story to tell! How are your rib and tailbone doing now? I hope you've got the pain under control. I had a cracked rib once (which unfortunately coincidede with a bout of bronchitis), and that was awful - I couldn't imagine 3 broken ribs and the tailbone.


How many days along:

I had to ask this too because I had no idea :) Take when you ovulated, and add 2 weeks to that. So I ovulated Nov 2, so I'm 2 weeks 5 days since ovulation, or 4w5d pregnant. You would be 1 or 2 days later than me, so, 4w4d or 3d.


I'm not sure if a lunar calendar count would be different... but that's how I was told is standard to count how far along you are. I don't see how you could be 5w 4d, you're not even 5 weeks since your LMP yet!

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Hi everyone, I'd love to join in.  My name is Kelly and I'm 34.  DH and I have been together for 10 years, married for 6.  I also didn't want children until my 30s but now I'm super excited to be having this baby.  Allison we have the same EDD.  I live in Oregon and am hoping/planning on being a SAHM with this little one. 

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LovingSky: Well I'm glad your injuries aren't causing you too much grief right now. Here's hoping your tailbone heals nice and straight!


Maiiven: Welcome!! Glad you joined us! It's nice to share a due date with someone. We can count down together!

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LovingSky,  I agree with Living, that is a really scary accident!!  I am glad you are healing and will keep my fingers crossed for you.


Hello Kelly!


I have been using the First response POAS.  I have missed 2 periods now, and had lots of different symptoms; very strong food aversions, late night HUNGER, intense nausea, nonstop burp fest in the afternoons, and big time irritability/weepiness.  Someone at work had a box of cheez-its and did not want to share, and it made me really sad.  Instead of just being mean though, I am very argumentative.  DH is taking it in stride.  He and I are both in limbo because it's a possible positive, but also a positive negative.  We were not ttc, and if it ends up being a, what do they call it, phantom pregnancy, it will probably be a while before we do ttc.  We would both be really happy if there is a baby bean in there, and if there isn't, then it's just not the time for us yet, and that is ok.  I have had a couple of close barf calls, nothing has gotten past the mouth, but it has been very very close.

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Hey guys.  this is my first pregnancy and I am due 7/12/2011.  I am having my first ultrasound tomorrow to check for the heartbeat and confirm exactly how far along I am.  I am really excited.  My boyfriend have been together for over 7 years and we had been ttc for about a year then split up for a few months.  The very first month we were officially together again we concieved, so
I guess it was meant to be :)  I am a dog groomer and I love my job more than anything.  I am hoping to work as long as possible but I have already been kicked in the stomach by a dog and it really worries me.  Well, to tell you the truth everything has been worrying me, which is very out of character for me.  The only symptoms I have had is exhaustion and irritability.  I have only had an upset stomach when I drank coffee so that is completely cut out of my diet now.  I am also vegan which is a huge part of my life.  Hmmm... what else... I have 3 dogs.  2 pit bull mixes and a blue heeler/bull terrier mix.  I'm really into dogs.

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Hello Tank,  & Welcome.

I too am a pet groomer as well and just found out on Friday that I'm pregnant.  I was more worried about the weight issue.  I'm still going to lift as my OB says it's ok to do what you are used to but I'm going to stop lifting the 100lb dogs myself.  I had to be tested for toxoplasmosis to see if it's ok to still groom the kitties. 


I love my animals....couldn't live without them.  I have 2 corgis right now and am searching for a Golden Retriever puppy for my DH. 


Was listing under LovingSky previously but didn't want the confusion with LivingSky in the same DDC. 

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Welcome tank! It looks like a pretty animal-lover heavy group here, which is very cool :)


Has anyone noticed their animals acting differently towards you since you've been pregnant?

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Hello tank!
Is that one of your dogs in your profile pic? What a cutie! Let us know about your u/s!

I have officially skipped two periods now. My edd is july 16th. Not sure yet about when I can go for a blood test. Hopefully soon.
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Hi! I'm Metis and this is my first pregnancy. It still feels a bit surreal! My EDD is July 6. I'm a couple days shy of 8 weeks! yikes.gif

I'm really excited for this pregnancy and for the baby, but it truly doesn't seem real yet. I do have some symptoms, but we haven't told anyone and I haven't been to the mw yet (first appt next week). I'm excited for the kicks, the belly, the birth preparation, the nesting... There's not too much action during the first tri, yk? orngtongue.gif


Hawaiianblesing, your story is wild! I have a feeling everything will turn out great for you - the human body is truly so resiliant.


Brittee, I hope you find out soon! The suspense must be so hard. Good for you for taking it all in stride!




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Welcome Mama Metis! I remember you from the TTC boards :) Nice to have another familiar face here! I totally understand how you feel. I'm so looking forward to the big baby belly, and kicks, and all of that kind of stuff - but I'm also trying to make sure I enjoy this part too, kwim? Especially since so far I've had pretty mild symptoms.


Brittee: Can you just make a doctor's appt and get a blood test? Or go to the ER or something? Though I'm confused - how can you have skipped two periods but be due on July 16th? How long is your cycle normally?  

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Hello all! Since finding out I'm pregnant I've been dying to be able to talk about it, but due to a miscarriage several years ago I'm being super cautious. Only me and my husband know about it right now. I'm 27 years old and I teach high school science but I've applied to midwifery programs for next year, so it's possible that I'll be starting a part time semester a month or so after our baby is born on July 28. We really didn't time this pregnancy properly! The baby's goign to be born right after my birth day and right before our first wedding anniversary. We only just got married, but we've been together for 4 years. Oh well, that's life right? :) It's going to be worth it! I've had zero symptoms so far, if I hadn't missed my period and taken two tests, I wouldn't believe anything had changed. Hopefully everything's ok. We're planning to get in to see a midwife as soon as possible to get some reassurance because I'm feeling very nervous about miscarriage possibilities... But still so excited!! 


PS. I also have a dog! A siberian husky - I'm wondering how he's going to adapt to these changes...

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Welcome opus!! Hoping for a happy and healthy 9 months for you! I love siberian huskies :) One of our neighbours has one and he is GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORGEOUS! I have to stop myself from driving off the road as I adore him when I drive by their house :)

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I had my u/s yesterday and got some unusual results.  They did all the measurements and I am actually only 5w2d so they couldn't find the baby.  They originally though I was at about 7-8 weeks so they sceduled the u/s to confirm the pregnancy.  They said I probably ovulate late in my cycle or at least did that time.  Most likely it is still a viable pregnancy because the hormones were still going strong but they can't be 100% sure.  We are a little upset about all this, just hoping to catch our first glimpse.  I have another appt in 2 weeks.  Hopefully things will be okay.


And yes, that's my girl lucy in my avatar.  I think she knows I am pregnant.  She has been acting really "motherly" towards the small dogs at work in the past month and is being extra snuggly with me.  The other dogs, I am not sure. 

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Hello Metis and Opus!!


Tank,  From what I have learned thus far babies can be very good at hiding early on.  I'm sorry you didn't get to see it and hope you will have better luck at your next u/s.  Sending you sticky baby vibes.  goodvibes.gif

Originally Posted by LivingSky View Post
Brittee: Can you just make a doctor's appt and get a blood test? Or go to the ER or something? Though I'm confused - how can you have skipped two periods but be due on July 16th? How long is your cycle normally?  

Living, I am, how you say, economically challenged.  I do not have health insurance, and DH has been unemployed for two months.  I can go to a lab services center and get it done there, no need for a doctor's order, and the ER would be really really expensive.  DH and I did the deed in the first week of Oct.  I ovulated two days later, and then had what I think was implantation bleeding on Oct. 9th.  I have an app on my phone called My Days to help me keep track of what we do when and it estimates my fertility as well.  Judging from implantation, 40 weeks after that would be July 16th.  I was due for an AF two weeks after the suspected implantation, and I just missed my next regularly scheduled AF last week or so.  Because of the holiday and my work schedule, the lab is going to be closed on the days I could go; so I have to wait until next week.  I got lucky and found a place that will do the test for only $45. 


I got home from work very hungry.  I also happened to go to the grocery store on my way home, so I had a snack before making dinner/ my lunch for tomorrow.  I had 4 ginger snaps, some milk, and a hard boiled egg with salt on it.  ROTFLMAO.gif  I am really into spicy foods right now, which is a little unusual.


Hugs and love!

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