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I am sooo struggling with birth decisions right now!  I'm 30 weeks today.  Babies are growing really well and really closely.  Deep in my heart I just want to stay home.  The plan with my midwives is if I go into active labor at home that I will stay at home, because of my birthing history to attempt to go to hospital would be foolish.  The OB we are seeing is one of the best, as far as willing to deliver twins/breeches vaginally, not routinely suctioning or immediately cord clamping, intermittent monitoring, etc. etc.  I am really comfortable with her.  But, in order to guarantee having her on call, I have to induce...which would also allow us to plan IV abx for the GBS which caused a UTI earlier in my pregnancy (how's that for alphabet soup?).  My midwife would accompany us, which means that there will be someone in the room when A comes flying out. LOL  That particular hospital seems really comfortable with my midwives, too, so when she inevitably catches A it won't necessarily cause her political flack, I hope.  And the OB assures me that my requests for newborn care (or basically keep your **** hands off my babies) will be honored.  But, it's still a hospital birth, and they have the control.  I have to figure out what to do with the rest of the kids.  It just seems so complicated for what will probably be a straight forward birth.

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Mylilmonkeys, sorry you feel at such odds with making a decision.  I do think that often these things work themselves out in time, and lets hope you do still have time!:-)

My issue at the moment is having not prepared for the babies at all.  We're all caught up in remodeling our master bath, which I really, really want finished this month - by the week after next if at all possible!  But we still need to divide a bedroom into two, and buy dressers, set up the changing table, buy more diapers, and do something about clothes.  I've got nothing for them but a "two peas in a pod" costume set my SIL sent me for Christmas.  I'm beginning to hope that my sister feels led to have my baby shower before the birth, in other words - soon!, so that I can have at least some things ready for them.

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Mylilmonkeys, i had a similar struggle and in the end my gut really told me where i was supposed to be, you have the benefit of neither option sounding too bad, my hospital was looking far far worse and my midwife could have never stepped in the door.  so sorry you are struggling now,  just a vote of reassurance that it will turn out just as it should.


Hope4six, ahahha our favorite quote around here these days is "And Then I Went Into Labor" we had all these things to do and then i went into labor, we had nothing that fit them since they were so small, nothing set up for them to sleep in or anything. dont even get me started on the nursery, glad i didn't plan on them sleeping in there for a long time, cause it is not even finished with the painting!


but they are here now and we just do a little everyday, and my dh is getting really good at shopping for baby items!

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Well, I finally decided to do as thorough of a search of the statistics on birthing complications with twins as possible, and discovered that no one really has any idea how often cord prolapse occurs, abruption in the one relevant study I could find was only about 1% and had all sorts of co-variables that had nothing to do with me.  Dh supports either decision but told me we should just plan to stay home.  I don't want to take a nonchallant attitude about the possibilities, but I'm thinking staying home is the best plan.  I feel much more at peace today.  I'm nesting terribly, and making room to stock up my birth supplies.  This better NOT be followed by "and then I went into labor" because it is much too early yet!


Hope4six - I feel like all I have been doing all pregnancy is getting ready for babies!  And there is still so much to do.  I don't have a room for them, but there is a cosleeper/sidecar that is only half built, our bathroom that needs to come closer to a state of finished, storage to be made for baby clothes....  I do have lots of diapers sewn, covers knitted, a second mei tai sewn, and we should have plenty of hand-me-downs, but they all need washing and sorting.  Yikes.  10 more weeks....

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i had my twin boys they were born january 26th weighing 7 and 6 lbs , the first twin was born at home in water and the second twin was delivered via c-section .

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congrats Chula! I'm guessing there is a pretty interesting story about the time between Judah and Jax! great names btw, realy nice!

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Originally Posted by Chula13 View Post

i had my twin boys they were born january 26th weighing 7 and 6 lbs , the first twin was born at home in water and the second twin was delivered via c-section .

Congratulations! Those are great names. I'd love to hear about it when you want to share.

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Congratulations!!  I'd love to read the story, too.  Especially since I'm planning a home birth, but trying to decide if I should stay in my home, rather far from the hospital, or use someone else's home in close proximity to the hospital...  

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Well it looks like all of our babies are girls! That will make five total for us. I think my dh is in shock. He loves little girls, but ours are such drama queens its scary. I'm 18w and so far all is good. My cervix measured 4 cm and I'll be off work soon. I'm on vacation this week and then one more week of work. I can't wait to be able to lay on the couch every day!!!

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Congratulations!  Five little girls!  I think that might be a lot for any husband to handle. LOL  We have four boys and two girls so far (we don't know genders of the twins) and I can relate to the drama from the X-chromosome camp.  

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just wanted to update that my girls were born


rowan bee 2/14

lennox aileen 2/15


both born at home, both complete breech. rowan into water, lennox on the bedroom floor. :)

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congratulations, Becky!

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Congratulations! That sounds like and exciting birth! Enjoy your little ones!


I am excited about having five girls, it should be crazy but fun. My oldest dd is disappointed not to get a brother. Now we have to think of names. We have Audrey & Sophia so far and need one more.

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