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Resolved: Link in signature won't link  

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When I put the link it, it shows up "linked" (in purple), but when I submit it, the link does away. Thanks!

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We do not permit linking in sigs unless one has a signature advertising package.


It is in the User Agreement




  1.  Advertising in discussion threads is strictly prohibited. Do not post to advertise your product, business, website or blog or in any other manner from which you would financially benefit. Advertising in signatures is only permitted with a Signature Advertising Package. Blogs linked in signatures may not contain advertising/promotion without a Signature Advertising Package. Information about acceptable board advertising may be obtained by contacting advertising@mothering.com. MDC sales and fundraising information may be posted by administrators, moderators and designated members. Members may not use their business or product names as a username.
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Does this meant that it's ok  to put a (not live) link to our blogs in our siggies if we do not profit in any way financially from it?  

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No, we do not wish host any type of links, web addresses, blog names, etc. in signatures. With the number of members we have and the amount of time it takes to verify who is or isn't profiting, we ask that you not host any website references. We've many instances of people who turn a previously ad-free site into a for-profit site, and this is unfair to the many Advertiser members who support the community by paying for the privilege of directing members to their sites. We ask that members not direct members to their personal sites in their signatures so we can avoid any confusion or moderation issues. Thanks for your cooperation!

Those who are interested in sharing the sites and blogs without purchasing an Advertisers package may do so via their My Blog field in their profile:

Those wishing to share a blog or other personal site may do so via their Community Profile which is located in the My Profile Tab under "Edit Community Profile." Blogs listed in this area are not moderated for promotion.
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Thank you for clarifying.  That was what I thought, but I wanted to make sure.  innocent.gif

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Mothering › Mothering Forums › Welcome to Mothering! › Site Help › Resolved: Link in signature won't link