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Large Toddler

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So this is sort of a WWYD. 


Charlie is 2 (just turned 2 Halloween).  He was early, has had some delays, and is a long ways away from potty learning.  He likes to sit on the potty with his clothes on, and put toilet paper in, but has done nothing in the potty.  He's 37 pounds and 37 inches tall, he has a 12 or 13 inch inseam, and is wearing 3T for the most part.  (I keep joking that we had to have ONE football player! :) )


His diapers are all leaving his hips red.  The Motherease One-Size are still snapping on the last snap, the Petite Fuzzi Bunz are leaving him red and barely snap, I bought a GAD XL off of Spots Corner, but the rise is too low to last us very long.  The Large Fuzzi Bunz will last a bit longer, if he slows down growing.  Even GMD toddler prefolds are getting too small in the width (plenty of length).  We use prefolds at night, and we can still snappi them, but unless he leans up a lot, I'm not sure how long the snappi will work.


We generally use pockets at daycare, and he's at daycare between 4 and 10 times a month depending on my schedule.


So my choices are:


Buy more Large Fuzzi Bunz (somebody has them on sale today for $10.95) never mind they are sold out

Buy XL Fuzzi Bunz (these never go on sale and I never find them used.  They are $18 to $20 for a single diaper, unless I happen to find some and get lucky on Ebay or something)

Buy ToddlerEase ($11 or so per diaper, but I'd have to figure out covers, wool works for at home, but not daycare, need PUL for daycare, and the only thing that fits well is their Airflow covers, but he's allergic to the elastic)

Buy more covers and just switch to trifolded prefolds in covers (I have both medium and large prefolds that fit into covers, not my ideal choice, but maybe the most economical)


Please let me know what you would choose and why, and let me know about any deals you might know about if you don't mind.  Once I replace them, I'm willing to sell the ME One-Size to recoup some money.


Any other options would be appreciated too!

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I personally really like the FuzziBunz. I found this on Ebay: http://cgi.ebay.com/5-Fuzzi-Bunz-All-in-one-reusable-diapers-Large-XL-/160507205905?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item255ef99911. I know that probably isn't enough diapers to get you through a whole day ( or maybe it is?), but it could certainly help! I'm not familiar with the other types of diapers, so I'm not a whole lot of help there, but if you want to stay with FuzziBunz,  I'd wait a few days and see if they're going to have a Black Friday sale. They're already on sale due to overstock ($14.95 I think), so I can only imagine how inexpensive they'll be if they have a BF sale!

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Are you in Portland? I have XL Fuzzi Bunz with inserts. I'm not exactly sure how many, but maybe two dozen? Gosh, probably more than that. I also have some really cute XL covers, and big prefolds. I'd be happy to do a trade if you are nearby!

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