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Myrtle Beach

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It looks like I am being transferred with my job January to Myrtle Beach and although I spent time there as a kid (25 years ago!) and my brother lived there about ten years ago, I am trying to find out some information about the area, schools etc. I saw there is a farmers market, and a couple of CSA's, but is there any type of food co-op? I also saw there are a couple of natural foods stores but no whole foods etc, do most of the local grocers carry organic/vegan friendly foods? My children are school aged and I did see there was a charter school that goes through 8th grade but wasn't sure if there accept new students yearly. Are the local schools decent?


We are a vegan family and currently buy about 90% of our groceries from our local organic co-op and farmers market. We dont vax, hardly ever actually even go to doctors, are environmental, and try to do as much from scratch. My husband is an artist and is also interested in learning if there is an art scene in Myrtle Beach. We also love craft beer and wine and he is researching starting homebrewing. I haven't found too much in my research to say the MB is overly alternative but would love to hear from locals about what they know.



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Hi!  I don't live in Myrtle Beach so I definitely don't know any real specifics about the area.  I do live in SC though, and I am afraid you may find it rather conservative.  My parents live south of Myrtle and I have noticed that you can find organic foods in the major grocers but it is really limited. I am a vegetarian and I have found a few options for dining out up that way but also pretty limited overall. Hopefully there are more options up in Myrtle Beach.  I think you just have to make more of an effort here in this area to find like-minded people and places.  We live in Charleston and if you are willing to make the trip down from time to time, there is a great art scene, a major local foods movement, a lot of farms, and great organic food options! 

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Thanks for your reply. Its a little discouraging that no one from MB replied, makes me think we are going to be isolated there as well. My company actually has stores in Charleston and I was hoping they would send me there because they have a decent art/music/food scene. MB doesnt seem to have much of the things we are into :o(

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Just saw this and don't have much to add, but hope you'll find some like-minded souls. I'll admit that "progressive" and "crunchy" are not adjectives that spring to mind when I think of Myrtle Beach, but to tell you the truth I haven't been there in ages so who knows! I do have a friend/acquaintance who grew up in Myrtle and is now the most amazing potter and cool person. Of course, she doesn't live there anymore so I can't give you a contact, but thought it might help to know that there are artsy, cool folks who spring from MB so there probably is some of that there. It's probably just a little more underground vs out there with the Branson of the SouthEast vibe.


Don't know about co-ops, but when I've been to the beach in NC recently Food Lion (of all places) has a pretty extensive organic selection. There's a very swank big new Food Lion we go to and we can get all the major organic brands there, plus Food Lion has some of their own organics.


There are roadside stands and farmer's mkts in the summer in SE NC beach towns, so I would imagine there are in MB, too. Will you be in North Myrtle or Myrtle? Here's a thread on city-data that has some links to CSAs and health food stores in the MB area: http://www.city-data.com/forum/myrtle-beach-conway-area/242672-health-food-stores.html .

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Well its looks like we will be there January 1st! We are coming next week to find a house and hopefully we find one with a good school. A little nervous that it seems like we will be fish out of water but maybe we will meet some people like us once we get there.

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Keep me posted!  We can share notes on things to do/places to go.  I am up that way quite frequently and can also give you suggestions for Charleston.


- Jen

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I grew up in SC (not MB) and now my parents live in the Pawley's area. (about 30 min straight down Hwy 17) I have a hard time when I go there re food and such (no Whole Foods or anything like that,) but the selection in the grocery stores is improving year by year I notice.  It is decidedly NOT a crunchy or alternative place, but I'm sure there are some like minded people out there, you may just have to look harder.  :)   In general the vibe is very mainstream/conservative and I often feel like a fish out of water.  I would seek out a LLL group first thing, as that's usually a good place to start finding friends who are a little more crunchy.

We visit semi-frequently, so pm me if you're interested in more info or a possible play date when we visit. 


I hope you find a tribe there quickly and enjoy it!  Good luck! 

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Thanks for your reply! We did find a house on our trek up there and will move in the weekend of jan 1. While we were visiting we decided to eat at mellow Mushroom because they make a vegan cheese and our waitress ended up being vegan as well. She was pretty excited we were moving there and wants to get together once we arrive...so that made us feel a little less out of place. Also we  saw they were opening a Sunray Healthy Market and the waitress at Mellow told us more about Bay Naturals. Its a start...


So now for the packing and move!

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glad you found a house and a connection!  Where is the Mellow Mushroom??  What area are you moving to? 


There is a good Thai place down in Murrells Inlet where we get tofu dishes if you're at all close to there.  It's called Blue Elephant.  It doesn't look like much from the outside, but is very nice inside.  The owner is Thai and the food is fresh and authentic.  We love to go there when we visit.  My parents have actually traveled to Thailand twice on trips the owner organized!


Best of luck with the move!

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We rented a place not too far from the beach right in Myrtle Beach. Nice older neighborhood near the golf course. Mellow Mushroom is off 21st near Broadway at the Beach. The waitress there also told us about an Ethiopian restaurant near there thats vegan (or has vegan options). Little by little we are digging past the glitz of MB and finding people and places more like us.

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We made it! After driving around for a couple of days we have scouted out a few "friendly" places. Hopefully overtime we will meet others families like us as well. In the meantime the children are enjoying not having to wear uniforms to school! Even so everyone we have met for the most part is very  nice. We also found there is a drum circle that meets once a month at MB state park. Its a start!

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Welcome to SC!   I had no idea that there was a Mellow Mushroom up there.  If I hear of anything interesting up that way, I'll post to let you know!

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Hi There...we have lived in Myrtle Beach for about 5 years. I'm a homeschooling mom to 3 daughters and we and buy as much local and organic food as we can find. There is a year round small farmers market on Wednesdays from 3-7on 8th Ave. Not many veggies right now because of the extreme cold weather the past couple of months, but they have grains, baked goods,meat,dairy, and sell organic wine :). The co-op shares will be available again in the spring for veggies. Kroeger in Carolina Forest has a large selection of organic groceries and frozen fruit/veggies but fresh produce can be hit or miss. Costco also offers a fair selection of organic pantry items. We like Mellow Mushroom as well...my husband loves the beer selection. Let me know if I can help you with anything else.

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I grew up there, but am not there any more.


This is not an ad, promise.  But check out http://sacredyogaspace.com/ .  The owner, Jessica, was a good friend of mine in high school, and is a crunchy, AP, baby-wearing sort of mom.  She might be a good connection to make.

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    You actually live here? Wow thats awesome! We will definitely check out the farmers market. Just the organic wine is enough to do that! Thanks for the info on different grocers as well. yeah the Mellow Mushroom has a GREAT beer selection :o)

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Hi Juliet...feel free to connect if I can help with anything else. Welcome to the beach!




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Christyc thanks for posting about your friend. I found her page on facebook and added her!

Lori where exactly on 8th ave is the farmers market? I am going to try and check it out tomrrow!

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