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Chicken Pox

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So I know there was a child or two  at my son's preschool (they wouldnt give me more info) Friday that had Chicken Pox. Man, I hope that my son gets it but its unlikely!!

(Taylorsville Utah)

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Please post if you get it!  Thanks

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Same school, there has been two more cases of Chicken Pox, unfortuately my son isnt getting it!! Darn, there also as been Measles here in Utah.
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I read a news article about the measles "outbreak." It talked about how there were 5 confirmed cases, and that the students had been sent home for a fews days, and they were all well and back in school.It went on to say that "this is a classic example of what can haapen when people don't immunize." I though to myself, "What? That 5 teenagers get mildly ill and then return to school? Scary stuff..."

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My son has chicken pox! We live in St.George though. Please let me know if anyone is interested. He Just showed signs last night so he's contagious for a week!

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Even further, with this measles "outbreak".  There have been 3 different outbreaks that I know of  effecting even several adults.  How did these people get the measles?  Don't the immunizations work?  Isn't that the whole point of immunization?


The other option is that they simply were not immunized, which is their own choice to make.

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