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Last day of work!

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My last day of work was yesterday (I'm a HS guidance counselor in NYC). My EDD is December 3, so I wanted to give myself some time to rest. It's very surreal... Monday will mark the first time since September 1984 that I'm neither teacher nor student on a school day. 


We're getting close, ladies!

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Very cool!  I"m glad you get some time to rest and prep before your little one's debut.  We are getting close!  I'm now officially less than one calendar month to my EDD, and I have felt Squirt a lot more on my cervix in the past two days. 

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Nice! I've gotta get some serious work-related accomplishments done next week so I can try to finish up working then, I have one project to get done and if I can do that, I will say sayonara and take the following week off using sick days...I am so done with work! I definitely have Thursday off, my MIL passed away Saturday morning, not exactly the circumstances I would like for time off...greensad.gif

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I am still working, but with every week and day it's getting harder and harder to do the 30 minute commute in the car. Before I thought I would work right up until the end, but now I am thinking of taking a week or so before EDD to take it easy.


TheDivineMrsM, your job sounds pretty demanding, so glad you're able to start your time off early.

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