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Bedtime music for a 5 year old

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My 5-1/2 year old likes listening to quiet music while she falls asleep.  Unfortunately, we only have a couple of lullaby-like CD's and they are not great.  I was thinking of getting her 1 or 2 new CD's for Christmas.  Any suggestions?

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It's old, but I kinda like http://www.amazon.com/Return-Pooh-Corner-Kenny-Loggins/dp/B0000029FW  Pooh corner for relaxing.

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I absolutely LOVE this one. Various  multinational artists and songs. It was a baby shower gift, so we've been listening to it since my son was a baby. I've never grown tired of it and it's sooo peaceful and pretty.




Edited to add:

I haven't heard this one, but the reviews sound great. Just ordered it from my library. :)



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It's not specifically for children, but we love Enya, particularly her Shepherd's Moon cd.

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Elizabeth Mitchell.  So beautiful and soothing.  She has lots of albums, but our favorite is You Are My Little Bird.  You can check it out on youtube to get the flavor. 



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Thanks for the suggestions.  I looked up the Starry Night one and unfortunately, I couldn't find it available from a Canada dealer so I went with one that was recommended by people that liked that one.  I will need to check out Elizabeth Mitchell too.  I found a Puff the Magic Dragon CD kicking around yesterday and she liked falling asleep to that one last night.  

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A good variety of songs, very soothing; I listen to this one myself sometimes!

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I love this one: http://www.amazon.com/Nickys-Jazz-Lullabies-Nicky-presents/dp/B000CAF49A/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1290653388&sr=8-4

We've listened to it every night for months and I never get sick of it. I would also recommend Elizabeth Mitchell.

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DD is very calmed by Angel Bear Yoga which is not so much music but very calming bedtime stories with good visualization exercises. 



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My kids like going to sleep to Jim Weiss story cds. For some reason, they settle down better with stories than music. 

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