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LO pulling at crib bumper

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My LO is almost 8 months old, and more active than ever!  Lately, he's started pulling on his crib bumper when he wakes up- and I mean hard.  We have a bumper that came with a whole set for the nursery, but he's actually ripped the strings tied to crib from the bumper part, so now it sags and is very sad looking.  I really need to take it out, but he is awful at staying asleep and tangle free without it.  


Is there some sort of super bumper out there?  I think I need something with reinforced stitching, or some sort of tactic to keep him from being able to pull down a bumper similar to the one we have now.


Thanks in advance!

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Maybe just don't use a bumper? Sounds kind of unsafe if he's making a tangled mess of it. I remember reading somewhere that the latest tests show bumpers can be unsafe and it's recommended not to use them anymore. These days all or most cribs are made with slats that are not wide enough for baby's head to get caught, and babies will just pull their arm or leg back if it goes through. Sorry, I don't have time to find this article right now but you can google it.

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No, I've read those too.  I think that they're thought to be mostly unsafe for those kids who aren't moving around?  I'm not really worried about his head getting stuck (or else everyone would use bumpers) but he really does get his fat little arms and legs jammed in between the slats.  

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I have heard that you should weave the bumper in and out of the crib slats, both for safety and to keep it in place. Can you try that maybe?
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hmmm, maybe you can put a flat board up along the outside edges of the crib?  Like a piece of plywood upholstered with foam rubber and the fabric from the bumper set and then put it up along the sides to make solid wall around those edges rather than open slats?  Or maybe Plexiglass...less destructible but see through.  I don't know if that would work for you...depends on the make of your crib. 

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we have a breathable bumper and it is great. http://www.breathablebaby.com/

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