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Help this mama help her kids . . .


Our neighborhood elementary school is a finalist this month to win a $250,000 grant from the Pepsi Refresh project.  Please take a

moment to vote for us!  Voting is free and will help us build an inclusive, nature-inspired playground for our 500 K-5 students.


Thanks for your support!



More information below:


You can vote 3 times each day for Spoede School and our alliance partners every day.  Here is how:


  • Login to the Pepsi Refresh site using your Pepsi Refresh username and password;
  • Login to the Pepsi Refresh site using your Facebook account; and
  • Text 104016 to Pepsi at 73774.  (To text a vote, type “73774” in the area where the telephone number goes, and type “104016” in the message area and hit “send.”)


Spoede Alliance Dashboard


Please vote for Spoede School and our alliance partners. The easiest way to vote online is to use the Spoede Alliance Dashboard link, which is an updated compilation of all projects in our alliance. No searching or switching pages is necessary.  Simply “Vote” all the way down the list, and you are done!  If the Dashboard won’t work for you, please vote directly from Spoede’s voting page to make sure you get your vote in each day.


If you would like to receive a Daily Reminder to vote, please email  Thank you for your continued support!



Spoede’s Pepsi Refresh Voting Page:


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Check out our playground website: