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Anyone else 41+ weeks?

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I usually go after 41 weeks, and don't usually stress about it.  For some reason I am getting freaked out this time.  My mw will have to transfer care at 42 weeks which means an OB or unassisted.  I padded my dates last preg. about two weeks and just realized that that means I gave birth about 42 and a couple days.  I wish I had done the same this time because I am feeling pretty anxious about losing midwifery care on Sat.


Anyone else past 41 weeks?

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I'm not there yet, but all my kids were born (induced) at 41+ weeks, and I fully anticipate going down that road again this time - hopefully, without the induction.


I hope you have your baby soon!

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bawling.gif Yeeeeeeessss!!!! I am almost exclusively a lurker (sorry!) but thought I'd post now because . . . well, because I'm 41+1 and am pretty much done. I had several hours of labor last night and at 1:00AM told my mom I was going to try to sleep a little more, but that this was definitely baby day.


I'm still pregnant.


And tomorrow is my anniversary. The one day I don't want my daughter born on.:( But after tomorrow, I will officially be pregnant longer than i ever have been.


So yeah, just commiserating.

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It would seem that maybe I just needed to voice my fears-baby was born today at home!  Hoping that everyone meets their babies soon!

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Congratulations!  I'm 40+5 and pretty much done.  Not that how I feel makes any difference, but I am reaching the point where I would rather have baby out than in.  

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