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Successful pregnancies with spotting early on?

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I am trying to keep a little hope for this pregnancy to stick.  I am only 5 weeks.   Anyone want to tell me that they spotted early on, but the baby came to full term?  I would love to hear positive stories right now, even if I lose this one.   Thanks.

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This pregnancy I spotted early on (9 weeks) very lightly (only when i wiped after peeing) for about 2 days, but I had no accompanying cramps. The blood wasn't bright red, it was brownish.. and my midwife attributed it to my softening cervix combined with sex DP and i had. this was the only time i spotted with baby and now we're 5 months along. 

Spotting at 5 weeks is really very common from my understanding. Its usually due to implantation. Also, unless you've got lots of red blood with cramping, you shouldn't worry too much.

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Yes, I spotted from week 6 through 13 and delivered at 35 weeks (so, almost full term).  Good luck...  It is very common.

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I spotted off and on throughout the first half of my pregnancy with DS, who was born full term and healthy. I'm thinking good thoughts for you!

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I spotted several different times during the first trimester of my first pregnancy, mostly after sex and exams. DD is 18 months now.

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Both of my pregnancies have included lots of spotting in the first trimester--very stressful, but ds is a healthy 3 year old and I'm due any day with number two. Good luck!!!!
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I had spotting and cramping with both of my otherwise very healthy and relatively comfortable pregnancies.  DD, 3.5 yo, was born at almost 40 weeks.  DS is at almost 38 weeks and due via c-section on December 1. 

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Thanks mamas.  It helps hearing positive stories right now.  Cramping has increased and I have some bright red blood when wiping.  Preparing for the worst, but still hoping for a baby.  


My friend knew a teenager who had bright red blood up until month seven.  Baby is fine.  She didn't have insurance or money so in the beginning her family kept telling her there is no way she can be pregnant.   Her belly kept growing until it was evident they were wrong.

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sorry you are going through this, it is SO hard. 


my first pregnancy was totally fine with no spotting...this one however i managed to give myself a friable cervix by manually checking it with my fingers (because i was in disbelief that i was pregnant and because the OS felt slightly open to me)...little did i know your OS usually never fully goes back to being a tiny little pinprick hole while pregnant with subsequent pregnancies. whistling.gif


so yeah, i spotted...a lot of brownish and even some pink and red and a few tiny clots...it happened over the course of about a month every day or two, and i spent a couple weekends in the emergency room where they did some ultrasounds and confirmed that i should stop touching my cervix and let it heal up. i did and about a week later it was all fine :) i've spotted once lightly since DTD. 


i hope this turns out well for you. goodvibes.gif

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I had bright red blood in both pregnancies and with dd2, I poured blood.

What you are going through is really, really hard.  But  there is hope.

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I had bright red spotting and some mild cramping early on w/dd2. I prepared for the worst and hoped for the best. It didn't last but maybe a few days. I had to take many precautions, but dd2 went to full term.

Many hugs to you. Hoping for the best!

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I spotted with 2 of my 3 pregnancies.  (((HUGS)))  I hope it's good news for you.

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With DD, I spotted like a really light period several times during first trimester, every 2-3 weeks.  Each time I went in for a quick ultrasound to check and things were fine.  I think it was between like 7 weeks thru 13 weeks or something like that.  It is so scary but I guess you just have to try and stay positive cuz what else can you do, right?  Anyways, DD will be 2 years old in a couple of days.  So good luck to you!

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One night of red spotting followed by 3 weeks of brown spotting with this pregnancy.   I am 33+ weeks right now and all seems to be good. No real spotting with my missed m/c's so I really think spotting is one of those things that can go in different directions depending on the cause.


Wishing you the best!


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Pregnancy #2 - My cycles had not returned yet after my first was born, but I had a suspicion that I was pregnant. A home test was negative and a couple weeks later I started bleeding so I assumed it was a period. I tested again on a whim and it was positive. Turned out I was already three months along and I have no idea what caused that bleeding, but it didn't affect the pregnancy or baby at all. 


Pregnancy #5 - The morning after I got my positive home test, I started bleeding heavily and it was accompanied by heavy cramps. This went on for a couple days. I was seeing a doctor and having frequent blood tests to check my hormone levels and he was not hopeful. He ordered an ultrasound and the tech said "It's fetal demise." Doc called back later that day to schedule a D&C but I refused and insisted on a second ultrasound. He reluctantly agreed only because I was not showing any signs of infection but made me promise to call him if my health worsened at all. I had my second ultrasound a couple weeks later and there was a perfectly healthy baby on the screen, about 7 weeks along. Again, we have no idea what caused that bleeding, but the baby was fine.


DH thinks I spotted in other pregnancies too and that's entirely possible, I just don't remember the details of those.


I hope you are another success story and you will be holding a new little person in your arms in about eight months. 

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it is so emotionally rough to have spotting, i'm sending love your way. i've had three pregnancies with spotting. the first two ended up miscarrying (one at 5 weeks one at 12 weeks), so when i started spotting during this pregnancy i easily freaked out! but, i'm a healthy 27 weeks pregnant now with spotting around 9 weeks! there is lots of hope. every pregnancy is different and not all spotting leads to the same thing, even in the same woman! it may be hard to hear from someone who has miscarried, but i mean it as encouragement...there are lots of bumps along the journey of life, nurture yourself and your babe as much as possible!


btw, i know you didn't ask for recommendations but magnesium supplementation is something i wish i would have known about earlier...it's a muscle relaxer and is useful in helping to avoid preterm labor. 


keep us updated. sending lots of love and support!



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Bleeding in pregnancy sucks and is very stressful but as you can see it can be a very normal part of many pregnancies...My first two i didnt' have any, my third i did and did go on to have a miscarriage BUT this pregnancy i had a huge gush of bright red blood at about 6-7 weeks and i thought for sure it was over but i am now 23 weeks and all is well; the doctors couldn't tell me where it came from and there was no sign of any problems by the time i had an ultrasound...Hang in there!

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I have spotted with every one of my pregnancies except for this current one.  I have six beautiful, healthy kids.  It is stressful, even when you have experienced it before and gone to term (or past, as I typically do).  With #3 it was especially bad, as I spotted fairly heavily every four weeks right around when my period would have been due until I was 5 mo along.  I do wonder if this was a lost twin.  We are now expecting twins, so I wonder if the higher hormones have eliminated the spotting I usually see?  

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I have spotted with 3 out of 4 pregnancies, sometimes with horrible cramps and sometimes without.  It is so draining!  The first one was a blighted ovum, the second one was a lot of spotting for weeks and weeks and weeks and is 5 now, and this current pregnancy, I had spotting for weeks and then full-on bleeding.  I'm 23.5 weeks now.

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Thank you all so much.  I greatly appreciate your well wishes and your stories.  I am pretty sure this was a miscarriage, not just because of all the blood, but many o f my symptoms have gone away.  It's sad, but we will try again.  Still waiting to have the confirmation with the blood test.  Take care all and hope for happy healthy birthing for you and your babes.

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