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Baby Haven is here!

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Haven Scott D. arrived at 4:10 am on sat, Nov 20!  6lbs13oz, 19 in.  Labor and birth were FAST, midwife was great, but didnt have time for the water birth - got to hospital at1:00am and only 2 cm dilated and he was in my arms just over 3 hours later! natural birth is HARD but i am so glad we were able to do it.  I feel like a rock star, LOL. Haven is beautiful and I am so in love!  will post more later. 

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Congratulations! You are a rock star, childbirth is rough, you deserve a gold medal. :) Enjoy your new normal with baby Haven. joy.gif

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Congrats!!  Its so awesome watching the birth announcements start to trickle in finally. love.gif

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Yay!  So happy for you and your DH  and your new little family!

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Good job mama!! So happy for you!!!

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Congratulations, I'm so happy for you!

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Welcome, Haven! Congratulations!!!

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Congrats!!  What a wonderful story!  Natural birth is hard and it is amazing!!  Fast births are often wished for, but they are rough, you did amazing!!  3 hours!?!?  Way to go Lori!!!

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Alright!  Way to go, mama!  Welcome, baby Haven!  :)

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congratulations mama! welcome baby Haven hearts.gif

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Congratulations! Enjoy the post-birth endorphin high, I loved the way I felt after DS was born. Happy babymoon!
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Welcome baby Haven! love.gif

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I always love it when a mama is able to achieve her goals for her birth experience! Way to go! 

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Congratulations! You are a rock star!!

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YAY!!! Welcome baby Haven, I love his name! You are a rock star!! Happy babymoon! joy.gif

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You *ARE* a rock star!! Congratulations and well done super woman!! You have every right to feel on top of the world with your awesome achievement. Sounds like you did amazing.

Well done. I hope you're having a wonderful baby moon with your wonderful new little baby. :)

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All the best to you and yours.  Enjoy baby land!

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Congratulations! That is so awesome. Welcome to the world Haven 

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Congrats!! You are a rock STAR!! Happy baby moon and enjoy this time.

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