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Baby Haven is here! - Page 2

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HOORAY!!! COngrats to you mama! you are a rock star :)

Enjoy your new baby...can't wait to see pics.

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banana.gifbanana.gifbanana.gif  Way to go mama! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!

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Congratulations! We need to start a picture thread banana.gif

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Welcome Baby Haven!  Congratulations, and our blessings are with you both.



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Congrats!!!! Welcome little Haven!

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Wow, congratulations on such a speedy labor - I hope I can say the same in a few weeks ;)

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Congratulations!  I love the name.

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Congratulations! jumpers.gif

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Congratulations! And welcome baby Haven! It sounds like your body really knew what it was doing and just got busy doing it!

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Congratulations! I want to be a rock star too!

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And welcome to baby Haven! What a great name!!


Im totally envious of your labor, youre Supermama!


Hopefully youre all settling in well. :)









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Way to go and welcome Baby Haven!!! I love that name!

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whoohoo! rock star mama!

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