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Therapist for AP/CL Family

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I've been dealing with depression since the birth of my second child nine months ago, and I'm thinking about seeing a therapist. Does anyone have any recommendations for an attachment parenting/consensualing living friendly therapist in Chicago? The last thing I want to hear is that I should nightwean the baby and establishing rules and consequences for the preschooler.

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What is consensualing living?


Sorry, not in Chi, so I can't help w/therapist recs...but I'm wondering...I can see why you wouldn't want to night-wean the baby, but not why you reject the idea of rules/consequences for the preschooler.  Any insight you can offer?  (I've been a pretty relaxed/permissive parent, practicing AP a long long time...not into spanking or 'punishments' for the most part...but have always had some limits for my kids--now aged 32 down to 12).  I've seen in my own fam and others that a youngster without any rules/consequences can be a real tyrant in the home...an unhappy child because of being afraid that the grownups are not really in charge....constantly tossing out tests as their way of asking for more security in the form of help with limits.  This can be emotionally very difficult for the whole family.


But maybe it's a matter of semantics here...again, can you offer me any insight on your philosophy--or even a website or something that explains it?

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I'm not sure if suggesting myself is allowed on this board, but I am a therapist and, obviously, an AP parent. If you want to, check out my website. Or I can make some referrals for you.


Christine Whitley -- Positive Parenting

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My therapist, Andrea Gunderson, just left her group practice to enter private practice and she is AWESOME. She has helped me so much, with parenting and with abuse issues and then also she has met with my wife and I a couple times to help us talk through some things. If you want to email me directly I can give you her telephone number. I can be reached at mjoanwalker@gmail.com. Best of luck!

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Why don't you look into flower essences as well...a few to check out include sweet chestnut, mustard, wild rose, and gentian. I would gladly help you out. I know of a counselor in Naperville, she would be supportive of your choices. I work with her, so I do not want to self-promote. PM me if you want her info.


Sweet chestnut - miserable, over-bearing depression, deep and dark

Mustard - unkown cause of depression

Gentian - known cause of depression

Wild rose - more of apathy in the depression

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