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Maternity photos thread.

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I know most have just been posting their photos in the bump thread, but for those of us who had maternity pics done, I wanted to start a way to share them before all of our babies start showing up! I know you can insert pics into the thread now, but multiple pics is a pain and of course some are copyrighted.


Anyway, we didn't do pictures with DD, but DH let me splurge this time around. I love them and can't wait to see the rest- this is preview. http://labellavitabyashley.com/2010/11/22/emilys-maternity-photos/

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Wow...great photos...you look so wonderfully happy and maternal.  Congrats!!

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Great photos! Your baby will treasure those one day!


That last picture on the beach is amazing, you look like a birthing goddess. :-)

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Gorgeous!  I totally agree with Nova, a birthing godess!!


I'm hoping to get some done in the next couple of weeks, I need to get on this!!

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