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Is Toby Hospital or Jordan better for delivery? I live in South Plymouth and am looking for...

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I am new to the area and want this to be a good experience. :) I am deciding on an OB based on the hospital, that is, after I choose the hospital. Can anyone tell me personal stories from either hospital to help me make a decision?


Right now I am leading towards Toby; my son had a bad experience at Jordan when he was three and we first moved here. 

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I recommend South Shore Hospital in Weymouth.  My first experience was when I had my daughter almost 9 yrs ago.  She was born at Brigham & Woman's as a preemie.  She was transferred to SSH when she was just 2 weeks old.  She spent over 5 weeks in the special care nursery.


After receiving the best care and from that experience I realized that SSH was the best hospital in the area.


I then changed my OB/GYN to a Dr that delivers at SSH only.  When I had my son Josh 7yrs ago, he was also a preemie.  Again I had a wonderful experience at SSH. 


After having two preemies, knowing they are a Level 3 NICU, and having the best experience with both my children, I would never go to another hospital for childbirth.



I hope this helps you make your decision and I would research any hospital you decide to use, as having a level 3 NICU is important, as you never know when you might need one. 



I didn't expect to have two preemies and knowing that South Shore Hospital has the experience and the technology to handle the issues that may happen, they are truly the best hospital on the South Shore.


Good luck.

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I've birthed at both SSH and Tobey, and choose Tobey over Jordan even though Jordan was a lot closer to where we had moved to after my first birth. I would not choose to go back to SSH after experiencing a much more personal birth at Tobey and one where I was surrounded by who was supportive (and used to) my request for a natural and peaceful birth.  I really felt like Tobey had the heart of a 'birth center' even though it looks more like a traditional hospital. 


It also seems like you are looking for recommendations on OB's.  I know one dr at Tobey is Dr Tripp.  I have not met with Dr Tripp, but he has received high accolades from others on the forum and works closely with Louise (Wareham Nurse Midwives).


There might be a few more options at Jordan these days- so I hope more can chime in to give you some names and recommendations.


I'd be happy to answer any specific questions if you think of anything in particular you are curious about.


Hope you have a wonderful pregnancy and beautiful birth, where ever you end up!




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I am a midwife who practices in the region and have experience with SSH, Jordan and Tobey, amongst other hospitals.  I would highly recommend Tobey hospital for the most personalized care.  I would then point you to Louise. 


Tobey has the best statistics in MA for birth outcomes because of Louise Bastarache, CNM (she is a one womyn show...has her own practice) and because of Dr. Robert Tripp, who works in a practice with 3 other doctors.


If Tripp could take you on and be at your birth I would say hire Tripp or Louise, but the fact is the docs that work with Tripp are not as evidence based and don't have as good stats as he does.


Hence, I recommend Louise as she will not only be your provider and take the time to get to know you, but she will also be there for your birth.  This is highly unusual, and is mostly only found in homebirth practices.  Plus, she does bring in Tripp and his colleagues, should you need intervention...but, she doesn't just pass you off to them, she stays with you even if they become a part of your team.  This is the way it should be everywhere, and Louise deserves a lot of credit for being so loyal to her birthing clientele.


You haven't specified what it is you are looking for in a practitioner or for birth, so I think a lot of ladies here, including myself, because you are posting on MDC, are thinking you are looking for a more natural birth? 

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I just gave birth to my son (5 months ago) at Toby hospital, with the help of Louise. Both the hospital and the midwife were wonderful. If you are looking for a natural/peaceful birth, Toby will be a good choice. The staff was understanding of our wishes to avoid all possible interventions, including after birth (shots, ointment, etc) and were very supportive of our birth decisions. There is plenty of privacy and also flexibility. If you want more specifics from my birth experience, I would gladly share. Good luck and good health to you and your growing fam

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Thank you so much to everyone for your comments and help!! Being new to the area; its difficult to find personal experiences so I am glad I found this forum. Most people that I know gave birth at Jordan, so I am happy to hear more about Tobey. I will look into the recommendations, I do need an OB and have made an appointment to go to Triad OB; I just looked at the paperwork and Dr. Tripp does work there!!


Thank you all, I appreciate your help!!

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I know you are looking at places and it might be a little late but I want to throw my vote in for Louise and Tobey. Had DD there (1st baby) 18 months ago and it was amazing. Louise was the most calming presence and was there from the moment I was admitted at 3am until 7pm that night when DD was born. Truly amazing. Plus the jacuzzi tub saved my life!

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Thank you so much! I did decide on Tobey. Overwhelmingly I have heard good things about Tobey and a few bad things about Jordan. My current OB is with Jordan. She's an awesome doctor but I really need to go with my gutt feeling on this and with all of your advice. I appreciate the help so much! Being a girl from out of town its so nice to get advice like this. :)


I go for my first "baby appointment" this week with the new OB, I am excited!!

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i have triad obgyn in wareham and have delivered 3 kids at tobey. i looooooooooooooove it there :-)


OK Now that I'm not NAK..TRIAD is a wonderful choice. I love all three of them (I know Paige said it's Dr Tripp plus 3 other Drs but last I knew it's three in total though I haven't been there in a couple months...) They're all very momma oriented. The hospital couldn't be more awesome to birth in!! I seriously would never consider birthing with anyone but TRIAD or anywhere but Tobey.

Good luck to you!!

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There is a new Doc with the practice, forgive me but I can not remember her name.  I am so bad with names!  Anyway there are 4 of them now.  

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