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Cadence's Birth Story

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I posted over in Birth and Beyond, but wanted to share my story here, too.  It's long, so I'm just going to link to the three blog posts in which I tell our story:


The Birth Story, Part I: Notice of Eviction

The Birth Story, Part II: A "Gentle" Induction (a.k.a., The Seventh Circle of Hell)

The Birth Story, Part II: Plan C

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Wow, what an amazing (and challenging) experience!  Very moving story.love.gif

You are one courageous mama and Cadence is one lucky 'little' girl!


Her 'morning smiles' video is just beautiful.    Congrats to both of you.thumb.gifthumb.gif

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well done :) i'm total baby, crying whilst reading it, thanks so much for writing your story, i don't really think i have it in me to write Madison's.  Talk about bitter-sweetness eh?

 I had a lot of similar things happen during her birth, such as the navel-pain and transfusion, though they never told me exactly why.  well done, you worked hard and got CJ here healthy and gorgeous. hi-5!

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Beautiful!  I love the last few lines, they totally made me cry!

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Lyndz, I'm so happy for you! Thank you for sharing your daunting and lovely tale.  I need to sit down and write Rowan's story when my semester ends.  I hope I can do it justice in the same way that you told Cadence's lovely story. 

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Yes, thank you so much for sharing! You do have an amazing way with words, I felt like I was there with you. 


She is such a cutie and you so right, well worth all that work!

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I loved ready your story Lyndzies, it had me in happy tears! I especially loved how well supported you were by your partner and care providers. 


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I loved reading your birth story, Lyndzies. It was so beautifully expressed. Thanks for sharing.
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