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Baby Girl is here! - Page 2

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Congratulations on your baby girl!


I hope I go that fast!

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Congrats on your birth and UC!!!! Happy Babymooning! love.gif

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3 men and now a little lady...how great!!



Congrats on your new little one, Im sure her big brothers will be great protectors!!



Have you given her a name?

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Congratulations!! What a beautiful experience with just you and your husband!

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Congratulations!  I would have been nervous to be on my own, but I'm glad it all worked out well.

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what a ride! congratulations! :o)

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Thank you everyone - it was quite a ride, but one that we were meant to have. heartbeat.gif

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Have you given her a name?

Kate Astrid Margit Last-name. Her middle names are family names.

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