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I know I shouldn't worry but I do.


My three year old (four in February) has always been a terrible sleeper.  As in, would never sleep on his own from the moment he came home from the hospital.  I had to carry him forever.


He is now very verbal and is still a horrible sleeper.  He wakes up a couple times a night.  He still sleeps with us b/c it is the only way I can get any rest.


Lately, I have realized that what seems to be waking him up are his dreams.  He talks in his sleep and seems to be talking about his dreams.  About a quarter of the time they seems to be nightmares.  Not horrible, just waking up crying.


The reason I am worried about this (in addition to the still not sleeping part...which is no small issue...yawn!) is that we have a family history.  My other son has Autism and my sister has Schizophrenia.


Could this be an early warning sign?  I know I should worry but I do and I am.


Any suggestions on how to get him to sleep better through these?