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sudden tail bone pain

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I am 35 weeks but was measuring 37 weeks at my 34 week appt. This is my 3rd child and I started having pubic bone pain a few weeks ago but then this morning woke up with tailbone pain too.  It is making it hard to walk and sit.  She has been head down for about 3 week now and sitting mostly ROA which I think she will continue to do since my placenta is on the left and somewhat anterior.  I was just wondering if the new pain may have to do with her sinking farther into the pelvis.  I have had pressure there for weeks and shooting cervical pain.  I had the cervical stuff with my last but not the pubic or tailbone pain.  Anyone have any idea if this is all because it is my 3rd and everything is weaker?  Anything to help relieve it ?

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I remember having terrible tailbone and pubic bone pain during my third pregnancy, too. I had it in my 2nd as well but in the third it was a whole lot worse. There isn't much you can do to get rid of it completely aside from giving birth, but you can do butterfly stretches (only if it doesn't hurt - if it makes it feel worse, stop) and keep your pelvis aligned as much as possible to prevent it from getting worse. In other words sleep on your side with your knees together (use a pillow between your knees if you want) and when you get up, try to keep your pelvis aligned as much as possible to avoid further strain. Doing the cat stretch or pelvic rocks can help, too, or just getting on your hands and knees can help because it relieves those bones of the baby's weight. I use a frozen rice pack on my pubic bone if I can stand to lay on my back long enough to put it there for a decent amount of time. 

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i've been having really intense pain/pressure in my pelvis, tailbone and inner thighs. it seems to be getting progressively worse.

i told my midwife at my last appt and she said you are often more sore like this with each subsequent pregnancy (my 2nd).

i'm trying to remind myself that this means my body is opening up and preparing for baby.


a heating pad has been a lifesaver for me. when i get a few minutes, i sit with it where i'm hurting and it really helps.

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also i've been on my knees, half lying on top of my exercise ball. this REALLY takes the pressure off.

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I have been spending time rocking and sitting and moving around on my yoga ball every day now.  I also see a chiropractor, what a lifesaver she has been!  Cat/cows everyday, too.  I use a rice sock on my pubic bone when it gets too bad.  This morning I woke up with my entire bottom part of my pelvis hurting....like I went horseback riding all night or something!  This whole pubic/pelvic pain is getting really aggravating, and I've had it for months, with some intermittent but increasingly constant tail bone pain thrown in, too.  Like a PP said, I keep trying to remind myself that it means labor should be easier, and this is just my body's way of prepping everything.


Even though it hurts initially, I find movement really helps.  Walking around and warming up my joints in the morning makes them feel better.

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