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Calm my fears?

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DD2 will be one month tomorrow and so far she's been a super chill girl. It's easy to settle her when she gets fussy, either she's hungry sleepy or has a wet diaper. This is totally different than DD1 who was colicky from birth to about three months, and she was a high needs baby after that. I suffered ppd with her and have it again but a huge part of it this time has to do with anxiety about DD2 getting colic. But if she's already one month and shows no signs of colic she's unlikely to get it at this point right? My only experience with newborns and babies is DD1 so I really don't know what a "average" baby is supposed to be like? I wish I could just enjoy this time instead of constantly worrying DD2 will developed colic or something equally challenging. confused.gif
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If she was going to be colicky, she'd have started by now. I say you have an easy-going baby! my dd was mellow as an infant, but new DS is anything but! so you can totally have one of each



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Colic usually starts around 2-3 weeks, iirc, so you're probably in the clear :)  My dd3 was a very easy going baby, so nice!

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I'm totally with you.  DS was a high needs baby (was awake all the time from a few days old, nursed for hours and hours at a stretch fussed and cried a lot.  Not sure he was colicky per se, but he definitely put me through my paces.)  DD is now 3.5 weeks and is calm, sleeps lots, nurses well but not constantly.  Like you, I've been waiting for the axe to drop.  But, as Melly has pointed out, babies can just be different.  


Fingers crossed shamrocksmile.gif

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If she does start getting "colicy" at this point, it would most likely be due to a food sensitivity. My ds2 got more and more fussy as we approached 3 months, instead of better. But once I eliminated dairy from my diet, he was sweet again after 2 days. Most food sensitivities in babies are dairy-related, so it's a good place to start if you run into trouble. I am telling you this in hopes to alleviate your worries. If your dd does get fussy, there will likely be a pretty straight-forward solution. I find it easier to dismiss worry and anxiety if I have a plan in place for the "what ifs," so I hope that's helpful for you, too.


I understand your worry, though. Ds3 had a chronic cough/congestion his first winter, so I am watching ds4 really closely. I've had a lot of worries about going through that again. BUT, then I remind myself that now I have access to a wonderful homeopath now, and we will most likely be able to nip something like that in the bud before it gets bad this time around (homeopathy cured ds3, it was just a few months of a very difficult time before we consulted her last time around, as I was just beginning to learn about homeopathy).


Have you looked into some nutritional supplements for yourself to help reduce anxiety? I would start with Floradix for iron (fatigue can contribute to anxiety) and fish oil for Vitamin D and omega 3s.

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