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Beco Gemini?

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Im wondering if any of you mamas have experience with this carrier, as I know its relatively new.


Ive been thinking about getting a Butterfly II, but was drawn towards the Gemini for the wider variety of carries it can offer. Aside from this, the biggest difference that Im noticing is that it seems like the Gemini doesnt come with an infant insert, although its indicated for 7lbs and up.




Anybody have one of these and have any feedback on how they like it?

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My Gemini arrived yesterday and I am using it for the first time right now. I have a toddler though and no experience with this carrier and a newborn. My Butterfly didn't work for my son early on as he seemed very uncomfortable with his legs splayed so widely however the Gemini would have worked as it can be adjusted for a more narrow leg splay. As far as having no insert, I would think it would be safe so long as baby is pulled in tightly to your body and the leg openings are narrow. The Gemini carrier is also easier to nurse in (at least for me it is).

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I love our Gemini!  It has become the car carrier and I use it all the time for quick in and out trips or long walks like at festivals, parades, etc...

I didn't use it with a newborn but because it is adjustable to make it narrow I think it would be fine.  It can be tightened very snugly and you could put a blanket at the bottom to raise her up.

Congratulations on your new baby!

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The gemini doesn't need an infant insert because it has leg openings that snap down to narrow its base.  I just recently purchased one and I love it.

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I love my Gemini. I have a Butterfly also, and I think they are both great, but the Gemini is "neat" to me because it's so simple. Just pop baby in and go. I also love being able to cross the straps. That is so comfy! 

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I LOVE my Gemini!! I carry my 8 week old DD in it and her head is very well supported by the headrest. It's a great carrier that will last you from newborn-toddler-hood!

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