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resources in Carbondale, IL

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Hi there,
I'm a doula in Chicago and I have a friend of a friend that just had a baby in Carbondale and is currently struggling with postpartum depression, latching issues, and just overall new mama isolation.
I was wondering if anyone could recommend any postpartum doulas and/or breastfeeding resources in the Carbondale area that I could refer her to?

Any suggestions would be helpful.




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Yes, put her in touch with me--via pm, then we could move to regular email or phone if she likes.  I'm not there anymore, but I"m not far away and visit there often for work and family.  There are excellent BF resources there, and we can probably find her some pp doula help along with connection to other families...no need for her to suffer alone!

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sHi, I'm new here but I live just across the river from her in Cape Girardeau and my bestie lives in Carbondale!  We would LOVE to add another mama to our little group!  PLEASE put her in contact with me - my bestie and I would love to arrange something to help her out and get out of the new mama isolation and deal with PPD.  We can help with most crunchy aspects and can get her in touch with her local professional resources.  My e-mail is PhoebeMomma@gmail.com (just ask her to put Mothering in the subjectline or something so I know it isn't spam.)

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