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Help! 17 mo old has tooth decay / cavities!?

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I never, ever thought this would happen.  I have an almost 7 yr old with ZERO cavities, a 4 yr old who just got his first (but still has beautiful, pearly whites), and I assumed that my kids had great dental genetics and we just did a great job at maintaining our teeth.  I was wrong. :(


About two months ago, I noticed what looked like a tiny chip on the inside corner of my 17 mo old's top front tooth.  I thought she chipped it somehow, and was inspecting her teeth when I noticed a white, chalky line along her gums on her top teeth.  I did some googling, and found that it's a precursor to decay, I think. :(  Then last week I noticed yet ANOTHER area on her second top tooth that looks like a little chip.  And her first "chip" is more circular and bigger.  I think they're cavities. :(


It just makes me so sick to my stomache to think about it.  What can be done about this!?  I don't want my baby to be put under general to have them fixed - I can't imagine the benfits would outweigh the risks.  I have to admit, I maybe only had been brushing her teeth maybe 2/3 of the nights, and with only water.  She fights like heck no matter what approach I take - I tried letting her brush mine while I did hers, singing/dancing, letting her do it herself...  NOTHING worked.  So after I noticed the chip I started putting just a teensy smidge of fluoride toothpaste on a washcloth and cleaning them that way.  She does much better that way.  Anyway, now I'm trying to remember to clean her teeth twice per day at least, NO sugary stuff (she doesn't really eat anyway, just mostly nurses), and I use baby toothpaste with Xylitol instead of fluoridated tp.


Is this fixable, or is it just going to get worse and worse until she has no teeth (like I've read)? :(  I'm just heartbroken.  I feel so sad for my baby girl, and it's my fault that she has to go through all this. :(


Also, how do I go about finding a good dentist?  I've found a holistic dentist about an hour and a half away, and he accepts pediatric patients.  But I don't know if it would be better to go that route, or to go to a regular dentist who specializes in peds.


Please help!  I am sooooo freaking out over this. :(




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My guy (2) has cavities and is getting flouride varnish every 3 months until he is a little older.  They are looking better even after the first varnish.

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