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Did my water break? edit - today is the day.

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(Maybe TMI!) I have been feeling a light trickling since 4am.. Not enough to make a puddle but enough that it is not comfortable and I need to wear a panty liner at least.


I know it isn't pee but the trickle is really light, even if I squat down the "gush" I feel is very very small. I've been having contractions about 6 minutes apart and the trickle feels stronger during and just after a contraction.


Is there anyway to know besides going to get it checked out??

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I don't know, but it sounds promising!  Good luck, Farren!!!

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Do you have pH paper or a microscope? Sounds like it might be it. joy.gif
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You can test it with pH paper if you have any.  Amniotic fluid is about 7 and ordinary vaginal secretions are 4-5. 


It sounds like this is it, though!  Good luck!

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If it's involuntary and you can't stop it, it's amniotic fluid.  The "gush" doesn't have to be big.  I thought this was me yesterday, but lunging and squatting didn't bring any more fluid, so it was pee.


Do you have any contractions/cramps happening? - Oops, just reread your original post and yes you do!  Woot Farren - sounds like things are happening!!!!


Update us when you can, due date buddy! 

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FARREN!!! for some reason i had a feeling you would be going into labour today and rushed home to check on you. i'm so excited! :D

i really hope this is it! get dimitri to call me with an update if it happens!!!!!!

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See you on the other side, Farren!!  ELVs goodvibes.gif

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Well, sorry to let everyone down but I went in to get it checked out and it was not amniotic fluid, they blamed it on "mucous discharge" changing consistency.


Contractions continue about 6- 10 minutes apart, though, I'm 4 cm dilated and doctor predicted that this was early labour. I don't want to get my hopes up but I am praying this is really it! 41 weeks tomorrow, and so done with the "false" labour.


Is this the kind of situation in which using a breast pump might help?

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Farren...you are definately on your way.  Are you having any pink discharge?


You could use the breast pump, I did some for a couple days before real labor kicked in.  I'm not sure it really helped, I think it comes when it comes.


Sounds like it's going to be the next couple of days!!


My midwife also had me put 3000mg of EPO in vaginally for a night to really ripen things.


Good luck!

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Ugh - that sucks!  But I hear you about being done, Farren - I'm right there with you.  4 cm is promising, though...

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ill be thinking of you  and sending gentle labour vibes your way  goodvibes.gif

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4 cm is definitely progress, farren! you're almost half way to pushing! xoxoxoxoxoxo

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Looks like today is the day, ladies! Tons of contractions, breathing and focusing through them all night 3-4 mins apart. Lots of bloody show this morning, off to the hospital soon.

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Yay! I can't wait to hear more, good luck! goodvibes.gif
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Yay, Farren!  ELVs to you, update when you can...  Go, baby!

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Yay Farren, my due date and birthday buddy, I'm glad this is finally it for you!  ELVs!!

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Yay Farren!

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i am SO EXCITED!!!!!!!

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Farren, how exciting!  I hope it goes beautifully for you, mama!

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Yay Farren!  ELVs headed your way!!

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