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Moving this to Health and Healing.

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I used to have extreme rage every day, not just the week before my period. I tried everything...accupuncture, eating right, excercise 3-4 days per week. I even got certified as a Reiki Master and practiced on myself daily. NOTHING seemed to curb the rage. Finally, four years after having my twin girls, I reluctantly tried Zoloft and I mean RELUCTUNTLY. I was on it for almost 2 years. It helped, but there were a few problems. First of all, I gained at least 20 pounds right away. Secondly, my sex drive went from about 2 to negative 0!!! Third, I felt tired ALL the time. I couldn't get enough sleep. All those side effects AND the fact that most of the time you need to keep uping your dose for it to continue to work the way it needs to, led me to quit the medication. Don't get me wrong, it worked. I didn't feel like I wanted to kill someone anymore. The problem were the side effects. I just knew I couldn't continue living that way for the rest of my life. I asked the doctor, "What happens when I get to the highest dose?" He let me know that we just change medications. That sealed it for me. I decided to slowly wean myself off Zoloft(you never want to quit that medication cold turkey) .


After I was completely off, the rage started to return. I knew there had to be another way. Something was wrong in either my brain, my body or both! On a whim, I searched the internet. I typed in: rage and gluten. Many stories showed up that described my situation. What made me decide to ask about the gluten connection? Well...you hear so much about gluten affecting so many parts of your body nowadays, I thought...what the heck!!!


I've been gluten free since January 2010. It really has changed my life. I urge you to at least TRY this. I don't really miss the cookies, cake, brownies and bread, since I can still eat chocolate, POTATO chips, rice and french fries, just to list a few. I started by printing off a list of foods/chemicals/etc... that I can eat and those that I were not allowed (google it). I took that list to the grocery store with me until I started to memorize the foods/chemicals I was not allowed. I check ingredient labels on EVERYTHING. It takes about 3 months for the gluten to completely leave your body. If I accidentally have gluten, I notice within 1-2 days (irritablity) and then it takes about 3 days for the effects to wear off.


Something else you need to keep in mind...this doesn't help the week before my period. I still feel like I want to hurt someone during that time. I'm talking about extreme cases. I felt like that every minute of every day without a break. The gluten free has helped me become a pretty normal woman, only feeling the anger/irritablity the week before my period now.


The reason I'm writing today is to ask about the lady that talked about getting hormone levels checked. During my "tried everything" phase, I WANTED to get my levels checked. I BEGGED my doctor to check my levels. I've had many doctors, men AND women. None of them would check my levels. They tried to tell me, "We just don't DO that anymore because it's so subjective. Everyone's baseline is so different." I tried to reason with them that if they got a baseline on me, then they could check me later and see if they changed and how my mood was. They gave me an answer that I did NOT understand. It was long and drawn out and I felt helpless at the time. Anyway, my question is, "Was that a regular OBGYN that you got your hormone levels checked at or was it a homeopathic OB? What are the exact words you asked them?"


I've definitely had my thyroid checked every year. I also tried to convince them I was going into pre-menopause, but they wouldn't test me because I didn't have enough other symptoms. My other question is for the B6 vitamin lady. Did you need to go to the doctor to figure out exactly what dose you needed? Also, is it in pill form?


Thank you for your time.


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I went to the health food store and asked for a bottle of B complex vitamins : ) Then I followed the instructions on the label.  I have been on at least three different brands and they all helped.  Magnesium was also super important in feeling better.

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I had the same problem after baby number 2 (and it got worse when I stopped taking a progesterone only birth control pill).  I felt terrible about myself, and was really ashamed.  I learned many years later that our hormones are a system and when one is off, it will cause others to be off as well.  I had my thyroid hormone levels checked, and learned I had hypothyroid.  I also learned I was deficient in my absorption of B12.  After being treated for both of these conditions, I never once had another episode of pmdd or rage.  Thank God.  I only regret that so many years went by before figuring it out.  Ask your general practitioner to check your tsh and B12 levels.  It might be the answer.

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Zeez mom - I'm so grateful to have found this post.  I have been struggling with pre-menstrual rage since the birth of my son.  He is three years old now and I am only just really start to accept it.  I have been racked with guilt and shame ever since and not wanting to admit it fully to myself - but I can no longer pretend it is not a problem. I realize that you posted this two years ago and I am wondering how it all worked out for you and what, if anything helped?  I need help!  I am bawling as i write this after totally losing it on my son today - poor thing.  It's like there is a part of me buried deep within that is just begging me to stop but the rage is boiling over.  I never physically hurt my son - but I yell at him, try to control and intimidate him and even grab him and carry him (in anger) to where I want him to be if he is not obeying me.  I am so disgusted and ashamed - it is like a monster comes alive in me and takes over my body.  I need help!

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Have you made any diet changes that are good for helping PMDD? Cutting sugar and caffeine (as hard as that may be) can really help. There are more suggestions in this article: Natural Treatment for PMDD. For me, I found that diet made a HUGE difference! 

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I can relate to what is happening to you, 3 to 4 days before my period I feel very depressed and angry  and I get severe headaches, I get a bit scared and confused because I just cannot understand what is going on, the doctor gave me untistress pills, which seems to be not working because they make me more tired and more depressed. I also got the mirena put in, because after my second baby my period was coming every 15 days, which as you can imagine it was drving me crazy, the mirena helped in the first year and a half but now my period the being funny again, so I decided to ha hormonal tests, so maybe I can finally figure out why I get so enraged before I get my period.

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